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There are few dining experiences greater than opening your front door on a hot summer morning to a bright and colorful box of locally grown or sourced foods. Now, with the arrival of spring, this delight can be yours. The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) 2022/23 cycle begins and we have a guide to help you get started.

A cherished springtime tradition in the Roaring Fork Valley, CSAs offer residents the opportunity to become members of a farm by purchasing small shares of the farmer’s assets. By registering for a CSA, members not only receive a nice box of products, meat, eggs or mushrooms, and more. They also support the local economy, resilient agriculture, the land we love, and their own bodies with nutrient-dense food.

Additionally, CSAs are a great way to get to know farmers directly, as many will personally deliver food or invite members to visit the farm to pick up their items.

See page 13 for a small compilation of CSAs available in the Roaring Fork Valley. If we missed any, please let us know.

CSAs fill up quickly, so register early! If your chosen CSA is full, you can ask to be put on a waiting list or keep this guide for next year; and if cost is a concern, please speak with farmers directly, as many offer sliding scales and payment plans.

Specialty CSA

Single Source Specialty Farms

WHO: Dooley Creek Farm, LLC | Carbondale


Schedule: First week of the month beginning in August for one year

Pricing: small ($1,565) and family ($3,095)

Delivery: Monthly door-to-door delivery within 50 miles and on-farm pick-up option

Agricultural practices: regenerative and organic

Offerings: Frozen cut meats including chicken, beef and pork — see website for specific meat portions

Complement: Eggs


Fast Food Fact: The Valley’s Only Local Meat CSA

WHO: Toadstool Traditions LLC | Carbondale

Delivery: Pick up at Craft and Launchpad in Carbondale

Agricultural practices: Organic

Offerings: Lion’s Mane and Oyster Mushrooms are available in three sharing options: half pound, one pound and two pound

Registration: Contact Mateo: [email protected]

Fast Food Fact: Growing Rare, Gourmet, Functional Mushrooms Out of Season

Photo by Will Sardinsky

Single Source CSA

WHO: Two Roots Farm | Basalt


Hours: May to September

Price: $995 for the whole season or $585 for every other week

Agricultural practices: regenerative

Offerings: Typical boxes contain about 10 items that include greens, root vegetables, alliums, seasonal treats, herbs, and fresh snacks.

Extras: U-pick flowers, local farm-fresh eggs, local pasture-raised meats, prepared food items made with Two Roots Farm produce (e.g. salad dressings), and local organic fruit

Delivery method: Pick-up at the farm weekly or bi-monthly


Fast food fact: Two Roots Farm has partnered with local food banks, Lift-Up, Pitkin and Eagle Health and Human Services, Pitkin County Senior Center, Safe and Abundant Nutrition Alliance and individual local families, according to the owner Harper Kaufman

WHO: CSA Peach Valley Farm | Silt


Hours: June to October

Pricing: Several options available on their website

Delivery: Weekly home delivery with possibility of pickup at the farm

Agricultural practice: Biodynamic

Offerings: Each sharing box includes a wide range of root vegetables, leafy greens, herbs, main vegetables and seasonal fruits

Supplements: honey, heirloom turkeys and bouquets of flowers


Fast food fact: A small family farm, Peach Valley is entering its 32nd year of CSA sharing.

WHO: Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES) at Rock Bottom Ranch | Basalt


Hours: June to September

Price: $650 for 18 weeks

Delivery: Weekly farm pick-up

Agricultural practices: regenerative

Offerings: Each stock includes six to nine “main crops” (eg, green vegetables) and seasonal rotation crops (eg, broccoli); the latter part of the season includes fall storage crops (eg onions, potatoes and winter squash)


Fast Food Fact: One of three ACES Education Centers in the Valley

WHO: Seeds of Peace / Wild Mountain Seeds | Carbondale /

Hours: June to October

Price: $30 per week

Delivery: Pick up at local farm stands with locations to be determined.

Agricultural practices: regenerative

Offerings: Sample box includes a pint of cherry tomatoes, a bunch of carrots, two onions, a cucumber, half a pound of lettuce, Swiss chard or kale, and a small bag of basil

Registration: Contact: [email protected]

Fast Food Fact: Seed Peace offers many beautiful farm-grown vegetables grown from their own seeds.

WHO: Borden Farms, LLC | Delta


Schedule: mid-June to September

Price: $550 for 16 weeks

Delivery: Weekly deliveries to Aspen, Carbondale, Edwards, Crested Butte, Ridgway and Telluride, with pickup points at Farmers Markets

Farming Practices: USDA Certified Organic

Offerings: seasonal produce including herbs, fruits and vegetables (e.g. heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, beans, melons, etc.); juicy peaches are available in August and roasted peppers in the fall


Fast food fact: A family farm that has been supplying fresh, locally grown produce to the West Slope for over 27 years, according to farmers Guy and Lynn Borden

WHO: Sustainable frames | Carbondale

Schedule: Beginning of June to mid-September

Price: $800 for 16 weeks

Delivery: Weekly farm pick-up

Agricultural practices: biodynamic and organic

Offers: Eight to 10 seasonal items each week

Registration: Contact: [email protected]

Fast Food Fact: Co-Founder Rose LeVan says, “Supporting one of Aspen’s amazing farms at Rifle is supporting your local food shed; they all do a great job! Choose one and join us today!

Multi-source CSA

CSA Food Distribution supplies products from various farms

WHO: farm runners

[email protected]

Schedule: June 7 to October 18.

Price: Full-size ($850), half-share ($500), flex-share ($50 per week), and full-size share with an extra egg ($1,000) for 20 weeks

Delivery: Weekly home deliveries in the RFV and Gunnison Valley

Deals: All actions include rotating items of fruits, vegetables and occasional products (eg juice, canned goods. ); full shares include eight to 12 rotating elements, and half shares are four to six elements

Complements: Eggs


Fast Food Fact: A weekly newsletter is included featuring farmers, recipes and storage information

WHO: CSA Happy Belly | Hotchkiss


Schedule: mid-June to October

Pricing: Regular share ($44/week) and a family share ($62/week) for 16 weeks; delivery is added at the end

Delivery: Weekly deliveries with pickup in Montrose and Roaring Fork Valley

Agricultural practice: Organic and holistic

Offerings: A regular slice contains about seven varieties of vegetables, while a family slice contains up to nine varieties; both portions include fruit

Extras: eggs and weekly flower sharing starting soon


Fast Food Fact: Working closely with several local farmers, in addition to her own farm, Blue Tractor Farms, owner Carin Frantz said: “We combine a holistic, multi-farm experience and provide weekly menus and recipes delivered to your box. reception. You will never wonder how to use your products every week. »

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