World Nature Conservation Day: A 5-step home guide to protecting natural resources

On July 28 every year, the nation celebrates World Nature Conservation Day with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of natural resources and the importance of safeguarding them to conserve our environment as a whole. With a huge increase in environmental challenges faced by the earth such as climate change, deforestation, damage to wildlife habitations, increasing pollution and many more, it becomes extremely vital for every individual to take action to protect our resources. and therefore the environment. Whether it’s wasting water, depleting natural resources, cutting greens, shopping unnecessarily, or simply wasting food, we’ve all been instrumental in exploiting the environment for our own needs. Here we outline some small, simple steps you can take at home to have a positive impact on the environment.

Use energy efficient appliances

To start, be sure to turn off unnecessary lights in your home. Unplug appliances like irons, toasters and coffee makers when not in use. For a more efficient contribution, switch to energy efficient appliances like LED bulbs and install a solar or wind power plant as these are environmentally friendly goods and consume less energy while reducing the total energy cost over time.

Reduce food waste and opt for plant-based options

Food waste is another thing that leads to the degradation of our environment. Besides social and humanitarian distress, when we throw away food, we contribute to the waste of energy and water that food is used to grow, harvest, transport and package. Moreover, if it is landfilled, it produces methane which is extremely dangerous for the environment. The food you eat leaves a major carbon impact if it is not consumed in an environmentally friendly way. Be sure to use up leftovers, be mindful of your eating habits, and always opt for seasonal, local plant foods.

Reduce food waste and opt for plant-based options

Composting is the way to go

A very simple and effective way to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, composting can benefit the environment while benefiting your home garden. You can use food or kitchen scraps including eggshells, vegetable scraps, and tea bags in the ground to reduce waste.

Composting is the way to go

Adopt the pre-loved clothes

Fast fashion leads to massive environmental waste. From mass production, overusing natural resources, to the use of fabrics like synthetics, unnecessary purchases harm the environment in various ways. And that’s why we suggest shopping for your needs or opting for vintages if you can. You can also follow the thrift store trend to refrain from contributing to the mass production of goods.

Reduce the use of plastic

Plastic is one of the main causes of environmental corruption. It cannot be broken down and therefore remains on the earth for eons. According to statistics, a total of about 8.3 billion tons of plastic waste is present in the world and is gradually turning into a health hazard. Plastics contain harmful compounds and due to their non-biodegradable nature, they leak into water reservoirs where they only contribute to clogging and pollution. Replace wooden combs, bamboo toothbrushes, metal, brass and bamboo razors to reduce plastic waste in your home.

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