WKU students design graduation flowers – Reuters

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-There’s a lot of preparation to graduate without a hitch.

And some WKU students have the opportunity to participate in the process themselves.

“They feel a little honored to be part of a tradition that has been going on for more than 100 years at WKU,” said Roger Dennis, director of the WKU Floral Design & Training Center.

WKU agriculture students spend weeks before graduation designing the flower arrangement that the thousands of people attending the ceremony can see.

“Basically what we’re looking for is a kind of waterfall design, so it’s going to go all the way across the front of the stage and the greenery and the flowers cascade like a waterfall,” Dennis said.

The flowers encompass the big red theme with red roses and small white flowers.

For a student, helping out at this ceremony is even more special.

“I feel privileged, I feel privileged to do it a second time, maybe it will be better the second time,” said WKU student Madeline Taylor.

Taylor was supposed to walk in December and helped design the flower arrangement for that ceremony. But it was canceled due to the devastating tornadoes of December 11.

Dennis asked her to come back and participate in this ceremony again… she was delighted with the request.

“Mr. Dennis actually texted me and asked if I wanted to come back and of course I would say yes, I would love to be on campus, I love being associated with it in any way I can, so I was very happy when I saw this post,” Taylor said.

Between the tornadoes and the pandemic, this will be the first unrestricted graduation in three years.

“For all these seniors, starting here before covid, then going through covid, then going back to normal for their last semester, I think that’s just a nice ending,” said WKU student Emma Proffitt.

Happy graduation to all our 2022 graduates.

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