Which Emmy-Nominated Show You Should Watch Based on Your Design Choice

The Emmy nominations for the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards were announced last week. While we wait for the winners in September, let’s take a look at the Emmy-nominated shows where design took the lead from storytelling.

Any story on screen is only as good as the filmmaker’s ability to draw you into his living world, making you feel the rhythm and rhythm of his characters. This year’s Emmy-nominated shows offer a staggering array of many disparate worlds: those that overflow with joy, others that suffocate and fascinate you, and some that take you to spaces inhabited by blooming flowers and men with head murders in equal measure. If you’re looking to pull some good old movie inspiration, we’ve rounded up a list of Emmy-nominated shows to help you curate your next watchlist based on your design choices.

Elegant Brutalism – Ozark

In the Netflix version of breaking Bad, the dark Ozarks serves as the perfect backdrop for a family caught in the quagmire of money laundering and the Mexican drug cartel. Their brutalist home in the middle of the misty Ozark perfectly conveys the undercurrent of terror. The presence of ceiling-to-floor windows, angular roofs and uncluttered concrete surfaces add to the overall disaster.

Laura Linney and Jason Bateman in ozark. Steve Deitl/Netflix

Goth – Stranger Things

The fourth season of the popular Netflix series took us to the origin story of the Upside Down, and it was filled with gothic aesthetics of the highest order – twisting vines made way for snakes, home of the villainous Vecna ​​looked straight out of a comic book with circling bats and peeling black walls merging with stately pillars and towering windows.

Animated Pop — Squid Game

In the record-breaking show, a group of random men and women are brought together in a game of death and millions of dollars. The path to this bounty is simple: play childhood games and die if you lose. The show draws heavily from the towering maze of stairs inspired by MC Escher’s famous lithograph Relativity to the ultra-minimalist waiting room inspired by Zaha Hadid’s Heydar Aliyev Center or the PATH station at the World Trade Center in Santiago Calatrava.

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Plush Maximism — Inventing Anna

For a series based in New York and which retraces the life of a mythical woman who ended up ripping off the elites of the city, the production designer has flattened the portrait of social classes. From New York Magazine’s corporate headquarters to Rikers Island Jail to the 11 Howard Hotel, nearly every establishment is overdone, and for good reason. The details are also staggeringly precise: the Venetian plaster, the expensive antiques, the wallpaper, and even the ultra-rich kitchen backsplash.

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