What is David Bromstad’s favorite piece to design?

David Bromstad revealed to HGTV that his favorite makeover space is a bedroom. For him, it should be a calming and somewhat dreamy environment. He shared, “…this is where you relax and can be transported somewhere else.” In his design seen above, Bromstad took inspiration from Pride Day to create a cheerful piece by arranging his vintage glass collection in an otherworldly cityscape and unleashing rainbow stripes of washi tape. on the traditional mirror frames that flank the bed. A jumble of pillows reflects the pastel palette of hand-painted artwork.

Bromstad started his career at Disney, and he’s in love with how the company creates amazing new worlds for customers. (In fact, a big tattooed Mickey Mouse flashes a smile on his bicep.) Shortly after, an interior designer friend enlisted his talents to renovate the kids’ rooms. Bromstad loved it and never redesigned another adult bedroom until “Design Star”. With children’s areas, there are no limits; fantasy and pushing the limits are encouraged. However, the designer explained that it was also important to create engaging rooms for adults.

In an episode of “Rock the Block,” he and castmate Tiffany Brooks covered an accent wall in the master suite with hunter-green and pink floral wallpaper, hung a massive empire chandelier, and floated white sheers at the window and covered the bed with velvet. Bromstad designs offer tactility, color and character. Some things we are never too old for.

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