What are the most common debts

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We all manage money, whether a lot or a little, we make decisions in the financial field that affect our lives and define the state of our economy for the coming months.

According to a study by Genworth, Peruvians have a fairly high notion of financial security, that is, they don’t care about “saving bread for May.” But what do they usually spend money on? How do the majority of the population borrow?

Ways to borrow

Ways to borrow

– Bank loans (33%)
– Loans from friends or family (28%)
– Purchase of goods in installments (19%)
– Cash withdrawal from credit cards (10%)

The “WIN-SPEND” relationship

The savings culture in Peru has not yet reached the entire population, so it is common for them to be in the vicious circle of WIN – GASTAR. According to the aforementioned survey, 42% of Peruvians could not cover their cats for more than three months in case of losing their job (or some other reason that prevents them from generating income), while 25% could only cover them for one month.



– It is not about not spending but not spending everything. Month by month, there must be an amount for savings. That will allow the formation of an emergency fund. Nothing is safe! Overnight, you can stay on the street and be able to pay your expenses for a few months will help you while you stabilize. Enter our Savings Account comparator, choose the one that pays you the most for your money and start saving!

– The above expenses do not have to harm you if you really chose the best option. Not all credit is good credit! Obtaining financing allows you to face significant expenses and purchases under the condition that you pay an interest. So, the most convenient thing would not be to choose the option with the lowest interests?

That’s why the best option is with our comparators you can see the differences between one credit and another, and make sure you choose the one that best suits your life.

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