Wedding favors: The ultimate guide to choosing gifts for your guests

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More and more couples are trying to make their wedding day as enjoyable and memorable for their guests as it is for them. That means a lot of thought goes into buying the perfect wedding favor – but what exactly does that mean?

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Whether you want to cut costs and create your own DIY favors or are looking for something simple that everyone will enjoy, take a look at the ultimate guide to wedding favors, with expert help from and Weddings at Les Arches beach.

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What are wedding favors?

Wedding favors are small gifts that the bride and groom give to some or all of their guests, depending on whether or not they are children. They tend to be handed out at the reception for guests to take home, and they’re meant to be a token of appreciation for participating in the celebrations.

How much should I spend on wedding favors?

Ultimately, only every couple can answer this question based on their budget.

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But since favors are only meant to be a small token (and guest lists can get really long), it’s best to aim for around £1-3 per guest. It may not seem like a lot, but it all adds up!

What should I buy my guests as wedding favors?


Handmade candles, £23 for 10, Etsy


Wedding favors typically include thank you cards, candy, flowers and more, but personalized options are becoming increasingly popular. This means including a photo of the couple on a card or having their wedding date engraved on mugs to name a few.

Some things to consider when choosing your wedding favors: Do you want them to match your color scheme? Thinking of buying edible or decorative gifts? Would you like to give a seasonal wedding favor, like sunglasses for a beach wedding or glasses of champagne for an outdoor summer ceremony?

A guide to choosing the best wedding favors for your guests

We’ve rounded up the four main things to consider when selecting your ideal gifts – and some ideas to help you along the way.

Give it some thought

Wedding favors can be something that goes with the food served, or they can be something tangible that your guests can take home. Some examples of traditional edible treats include sugared almonds, while modern grooms can choose cocktails, a candy box, or coffee.


Wedding shot glasses, £4.99 for 6, Etsy


keep it simple

Don’t go too niche or specific or you run the risk that only a small selection of people really appreciate the favors, while most waste them. So what do you think the majority of guests will like? You can never go wrong with tasty chocolates.


Personalized chocolate wedding bonbonnieres, £2.50, not high street


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Creating your own gifts not only saves money, but also adds a personalized touch that makes each of your family and friends feel special. Try buying small mason jars and filling them with pick and mix treats, get crafty by making your own soap, or create mini plants for a lasting reminder.

wedding soap

Heart Shaped Soap Wedding Favors, £1.10, Etsy


Shop within your budget

If you have a small guest list, you might want to spend a little more on your wedding favors and make them even more special. The longer your guest list, the more favors you’ll need, so you might want to stick with something simpler.

Grooms looking for cheap but heartfelt ideas should seek out a packet of flower seeds with a handwritten message, or mints with a personalized label.

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‘Mint to be’ wedding favors, £0.45, not high street



Packet of wildflower seeds, £13.95 for 10, not high street


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