Visit 5 Spectacular Delhi Farms That Combine Nature With Exquisite Design

The House of Light emerged from Charles’ sketchbook as a swirling figure eight. Unlike normal houses based on square or rectangle, this house breaks all boundaries in its circular spiral shape. At its heart, a courtyard represents the strong center of gravity that brings the international couple and their three children back to India, their spiritual and real home. An infinity pool closes that figure eight.

Ashish Sahi

Ashish Sahi

“Since the Mughals, so many handicrafts have not been commissioned in all of India,” says Rajeev as, inside and out, Misras revives age-old Indian craftsmanship with his creations contemporary. Now, the mirrored thikri tiles that adorned centuries-old Indian palaces cover a contemporary cabinet at the entrance and line a skylight to effectively bring the sky down into the prayer hall. Hand-milled Indian stone terrazzo floors and wooden doors adorned with concentric circles and inlaid brass hexagons create a bold backdrop. – Nonie Niesewand

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2. A two-storey farmhouse in South Delhi that elevates the modern bachelor pad

Aman Issar, founder and studio head of UnBox Design, was approached by his entrepreneur client and avid art collector to design his most recent acquisition, a two-storey farmhouse in South Delhi. Located in a serene and lush area, the farmhouse serves as both a residence and an office and reflects the warm personality of its owner.

Avesh Gaur

Considering the irrevocable shift to slow living after the pandemic, Issar manifested well-designed spaces that dialogue with nature. The Delhi Farm can be entered from a veranda which serves as a transitional space between the exterior and the private areas of the house. Designers have transformed this once vacant space into an outdoor lounge with woven jute chairs, pendant lights and hints of greenery that resonate with the Japandi aesthetic.

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