vermilion zhou design green massage flourishes in shanghai

enter a flourishing dream world

‘green massage‘ in the madang road, shanghai, invites its visitors to immerse themselves in a sensory experience. designed by vermilion zhou design, the resort shrinks reality into a fantasy forest filled with landscapes of unreal size flowers and glowworm lights. the whole concept is inspired by ‘alice’s adventures in wonderland’, welcoming people into a dreamlike world.

it is a process that gradually disconnects the tired body and awareness of awareness is slowly released and relaxed. the interior manages to express itself through a space that is constantly expanding. each room has a story to tell, prompting guests to investigate further. the appropriate dim lighting accentuates the soothing journey further.

all pictures by yunpu cai

somewhere between dream and reality

the “green massage” is placed in the complete commercial property of the large red building designed by Jean Nouvel. nestled in the basement of the building, the architects turned the defect into an advantage. the entrance is metaphorically compared to the “rabbit hole” – where alice fell and entered wonderland. once inside, visitors face a flower garden inhabited by calm and serenity.

the design team chose to avoid large openings in an attempt to maintain a calm and relaxing atmosphere, where natural light is limited; somewhere between dream and reality. the architects filled the entrance with tall green plants lit by glowworms. unreal-sized flowers lead to the garden, while irregular mirrors once again reflect the feeling of a surreal world. ‘in the end, alice found herself through the world of dreams, and at ‘green massage’ in madang road, we have created a ‘rabbit hole’ to take you out of stress and tension in an incongruous reality with not incongruous comfort and tolerance.’vermilion zhou design green massage flourishes in shanghai

vermilion zhou design green massage flourishes in shanghai
the dancing glowworm light in the massage area guides people through a maze of flowers

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