VALORANT Haven Card Guide: Full Layout, Legends, Tips & Tricks

Haven is one of the most interesting maps of the VALUING card pool. Each card has a unique gimmick, and Haven’s third location gimmick perhaps has the greatest effect on overall strategy from a defensive or offensive standpoint.

On paper, a third site should benefit the attacker, as it forces defenders to divide their forces in three ways. On both sides, specific knowledge of the calls on each of the three sites is essential for success on Haven.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to all of the Legends on Haven, specific legends for all three locations, and how to approach each location on defense and offense.

Haven Layout and Basic Legends

Image via Riot Games

Here’s the in-game map for Bind, with most of the base legends listed. However, this map does not include specific teasers for Site A, Site B, or Site C.

Haven A site calls, strategies and tips

Image via Riot Games

Here are the basic captions for the Haven’s A site. Long corridor A leads to the entrance to the site between the flowerpot and the tower, and short corridor A (also known as the sewer) leads to the entrance between the tower and the short pile.

For attackers, a basic strategy is to smoke heaven and enter the site to take out defenders lurking in corners like Flower Pot. Agents with molotov / grenade / AOE abilities like Viper, KAY / O, Astra, or Brimstone can also clear these corners, in addition to other places like Hell and behind A-box. Agents like Omen and Jett can gain the upper hand in positions like Tower and Short Stack, but risk going undercover.

Defenders will be attacked by all smoke and utility attackers will use to gain access to the site. Their best bet is to wait until the tip is planted and push through the fumes, or let the attackers plant and just replay. A defender playing aggressively Long or in the Sewers can gather information and possibly get a free pick to start the turn.

Haven B site calls, strategies and tips

Image via Riot Games

These are the basic captions for B. Unlike other sites, there aren’t as many features you need to know. The only other place not shown is link A which leads to site A and the back of the site which has a locker behind a gong.

Attacking B is difficult, as there is only one entry from the attacking side from the middle, and that is up close with plenty of places for defenders to shoot and retreat. One popular strategy is to smoke the A and C links, wall off the back half of the site, and get a quick plant right in front of the entrance from the middle. The attackers can then retreat to the middle and delay the recovery from there.

Defending B is not too difficult and can be accomplished by a single agent. Keep the mid-to-B connector closed, and attackers will think twice before blindly jumping into the site.

Haven C site calls, strategies and tips

Image via Riot Games

Here are the captions for Site C on Haven. There are multiple spammable surfaces throughout the site, with one defender side entrance, one attack side entry, and a Garage connector.

For attackers, your safest strategy is a two-pronged attack from C Long and Connector. Take control of the garage to access the connector and use fumes or walls to descend C Long until you are right next to the entrance to site C. Use flashes and timing to access site and clear the corners.

For the defensive side, take a look at Long C if it’s not smoked, using C-Box for cover (using Flat as cover prevents you from retreating if necessary). If Long C is smoky, hide while looking at Long C and Connector and wait for it.

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