This Viral Tape Trick Makes Flower Arrangements Look Professional

This trick works – a professional florist explains how.

We love picking up a bouquet at the store or enjoying fresh cut flowers from the garden. (It’s a scientifically proven way to brighten up the day, after all.) For people who aren’t professional florists, it’s hard to create a lush bouquet by planting flowers in a vase. But with this simple trick, even the most drooping flowers, like tulips or daffodils, will perk up for the perfect presentation!

Does this trick work?

To learn more about this TikTok flower hack, we tapped California florist Susan Stremlau, owner of Floral design by Marion Moss and resident florist at Sonoma’s MacArthur Place Hotel & Spa.

Susan shared that this is a great trick for your flowers to stay where you place them in a glass vase. It works because it creates a grid formation, which gives your rods a little extra support. It’s an easy and simple way to give your flowers a professional touch.

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How to use the TikTok tape trick

Step 1: tape a grid

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The best tape to use is 1/4 inch clear waterproof florist’s tape, found at craft stores or on Amazon. Depending on the width of your vase, you will need 3-4 rows of tape both horizontally and vertically to create a grid.

It doesn’t have to be perfect! In a pinch, tape can also be used.

Step 2: Trim the stems

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Cut your flowers to the height you want with very sharp clippers or scissors. For best results, use different heights, as you see in nature.

Step 3: Insert the rods

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Put rods in each hole of the grid; depending on the type of flowers you have, sometimes you can even place 2-3 stems in each space and they will hold their place.

Step 4: Hide the tape

Add a shorter layer of flowers or foliage all the way around the edge to completely conceal the ribbon. This prevents the trick from being revealed!

This approach works well for glass containers. If you are working with another material, such as a ceramic vase, the best support is the good old chicken wire gently crumpled up and placed in your container.

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