This is why the roses in the LEGO 10280 flower bouquet are not red



The designer of the LEGO Botanical Collection 10280 Flower Bouquet revealed why the included roses aren’t a more traditional red.

Roses can be grown in dozens of shades across almost the entire color spectrum, but the most common variety is the one that sells in abundance every February. However, that’s exactly why Anderson Grubb, lead designer of 10280 Flower Bouquet, opted for a more obscure light nougat.

“It was pretty obvious from the start that red roses for a lot of people are going to mean Valentine’s Day,” Anderson explained in a recent roundtable interview with some media fans, including Brick fanatics. “In fact, if we put red roses in the bouquet, it would become too specific for something that we want people to have for a long, long time.”

If you want red roses in your bouquet, however – especially as Valentine’s Day approaches – all is not lost. 40460 Roses constructs two individual flowers and is designed to accompany the 10280 flower bouquet, allowing you to customize your own arrangement however you see fit. But you’ll also notice that the roses in these two sets aren’t exactly equal.

“Their roses and ours boil down to designers’ preferences for how best to make a LEGO rose,” Anderson said. “It’s fun to see some of the choices they made, unlike ours, but they all look great together.”

This isn’t the only smaller LEGO flower set that arrived in January to complete the Botanical Collection. 40461 Tulips brings another plant into the mix – and one that Anderson says is also much better as its own produce, again mainly due to its seasonal nature.

“Tulips are associated with spring,” he explained. “We talked about it a lot. It seemed more appropriate to them to take some of these flowers which evoke specific occasions. For the bouquet, we wanted something that would give the impression that you could have [it] out for a very long time.

The driving force behind 10280 Flower Bouquet’s flower selection was quite clearly the ability to sell them year round, but that wasn’t the only decision that went into the arrangement of the set. To learn more, find out how the LEGO Group determined which flowers to include and the biggest design challenges Anderson faced when putting the set together.

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