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Apr 19, 2019 – 15:46 GMT

By: Anika_Walayat

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Temperatures are rising and summers are fast approaching! So now is the time for UK gardeners to plant their master plants. These special plants that will keep people from looking. One of those plants that is sure to grab people’s attention is the Bird of Paradise which offers unique flowers like birds.

In this unique video that you will enjoy watching, we follow Anika from the age of 5.5 over the next 4 years, until the age of 10, as she grows up and demonstrates how to grow. and nurture a Bird of Paradise plant in the UK, from a tiny 6 inch plant to a flowering 4 foot bird of paradise plant over 4 years later. Anika covers the key stages of growth to achieve the goal of having a flowering bird of paradise plant.

Anika demonstrates that it is literally a snap to make a bird of paradise plant bloom, what you need to do and when and how to care for bird of paradise plants so that they survive harsh winters. of Great Britain and what to watch out for when emerging flowers and of course how best to encourage plants to flower. Everything is made in the UK! All without the need for artificial lighting or expensive fertilizers, just the simple, easy-to-follow key steps for flowering.

Growing Strelitzia Bird of Paradise Plants, Pruning and Flower Guide over 4 Years

By Anika Walayat


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