The flower arrangements of the moment don’t even require a vase

Flower vases come in many shapes: tall and wide, small enough to hold just one sprig, and everything in between. The only catch is that they have to be able to hold flowers. But recently we’ve noticed an unexpected trend in the design and use of vases, a relaxation if you will. In direct opposition to the tradition of cramming a whole bushel of stalks into a narrow opening for them to stand upright, designers are creating containers that look much more like cups – small at the bottom, wide at the top – and attach a or two flowers in them to overflow as an afterthought.

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The look, loose and nonchalant, is seductive. Will tense arrangements be a thing of the past? We are all on it. But the idea that you have to buy a cup vase just to keep up with the trend is probably going a bit far. You already have cups on a shelf in the kitchen, don’t you? Take one out and fill it halfway with water like the optimist you are. Now lay down a few flowers, weeds, or sprigs of basil, whatever you have. This is the style arrangement I haven’t tried but wow it looks good. Got a few mugs that might work? Group them together in a small pod with the flowers at different heights.

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A few tips, if that sounds easier said than done: Cut the stems enough so the cup won’t tip over when you put them in. It’s a balancing act! You can do it. On the other hand, don’t trim them so short that the flowery part falls below the rim of the cup, it will look like a flower cup rather than a flower arrangement. Cut and dip, cut and dip, until you like what you look at and it stands up solidly at the same time. Maybe don’t put them on your bedside table, okay? Floral water doesn’t taste good at midnight.

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