The designers of the LEGO flower bouquet needed special permission to re-color a Technic item



The designer of the LEGO 10280 Flower Bouquet revealed how the team received special permission to recolor a Technic item specifically for this model.

If you’ve ever assembled one of the two sets in the all-new Botanical Collection, you’ll know that it contains a few Technic pieces in a color they’ve never been produced in before – but wholly born out of necessity.

Technic axles and pins are usually color matched depending on their size and style, which is why you’ll often see gaudy blue pins intrusively sticking out of sets like 42115 Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 or 42125 Ferrari. 488 GTE AF CORSE # 51.

However, when it came to designing the stems for the 10280 flower bouquet, the design team found themselves at a crossroads – and the only solution was to tear up Technic’s rulebook, like the explained lead designer Anderson Grubb during a recent panel discussion with some LEGO Fan Media fans, including Brick fanatics.

“We didn’t have too many options to build long, stable rods,” Anderson said. “So the thicker rods became these Technic connectors, which was also a great solution to give people some fit and then have stable and long elements. The Technic 32-module axle has become the essential part. This is the solution you now have in your hands.

32 stud length axles are nothing new to Technic. But while they’ve appeared in a handful of yellow and white sets, they’re usually locked in black in order to simplify the building process. They have certainly never been produced in sand green before – which is why Anderson and his team needed special clearance to go off the runways for 10280 Flower Bouquet.

“There are always restrictions on the decorations and the number of recolorations we can do,” said the designer. “In this case, especially with Technic axles, their color coding is pretty important to make sure that when you build a Technic set or whatever uses them, you get the right one and you find it fairly easily.

“We got a special exemption just for this 32-module axle, because we don’t have anything approaching in length. [in the set]so it was unlikely that you were going to confuse this sand green 32 mod axle for anything else. But shorter Technic pieces and things like that need a closer look.

To learn more about the 10280 Flower Bouquet, read how the LEGO Group determined which flowers to include, the biggest design challenges Anderson faced in putting the model together, and why the roses in the set aren’t red. .

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LEGO Botanical Collection 10280 Featured Flower Bouquet Review


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