The best flower arrangements for a Thanksgiving table


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Setting a gorgeous table for Thanksgiving is part of the fun and way more forgiving than this turkey. Floral arrangements enhance the decor, whether it’s a kitschy America-themed affair or an elegant evening with your finest china. You can choose classic, bright oranges and red blossoms for a centerpiece or embrace late fall blossoms like thistle and cotton branches; for the farsighted host, we also like the dried flowers, which can be ordered and arranged well in advance. Below are a few of our favorite flower arrangements to make on Thanksgiving Day because, hey, if that gets too much of a hassle, have a few fall cocktails and with a few clicks we have you completely covered (in bloom is -to say) .

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The firecracker

For an earthy, rustic vibe, try a floral arrangement rich in green with lighter petal undertones, like a pale peach.


Never give up

Incorporate less traditional plants like these earth-toned succulents into your bouquet. Bonus: succulent cuttings can be replanted, so send a few home with your guests as party favors.


The Minamist

Floracracy offers a quiz that lets you choose not only the color and style of your bouquet, but also the meaning of your flowers, so that your table can contain “hidden” messages of gratitude and love.


100 stems of eryngiums 400 flowers

Spring and summer flowers have all the credit, but hardy winter stems like thistle can add austere beauty and a sense of wildness to your table.


The evening

Play on the greenery and fall colors by combining burgundy scabiosa with sunset safari stems and tousled white roses and phoenixes.


Bouquet of dried flowers

Bouquets of dried flowers make for an elegant winter table landscape. Plus, you can order them well in advance without worrying about their wilting.


The Torana

Marigolds are brilliant fall flowers that form a beautiful single flower bouquet.


blueberries clafoutis

Are you not a fan of earth tones? An inkjet of calla lilies is equally lush and pairs well with cool table decor.


Sun stone

Warm toned flowers like sunflowers give the table an inviting glow.


The manor

A mix of fresh roses with lavender and eucalyptus is so romantic and goes with everything, whether you want to set the table with themed pumpkins or elegant tableware (or both!).


Dried Banksia foliage

Fall leaves are one of the season’s most prominent symbols, so skip flowers altogether and decorate your table with a vase full of foliage instead.



Rich burgundy and pink flowers stand out against a white ceramic vase.


Mixed marigold wreath

For a botanical version of the cornucopia, place a wreath flat in the center of the table and fill it with pumpkins, pine cones and squash for an abundance of fall beauty.



A blend of black calla lilies and red hypercium berries is the floral equivalent of a cup of perfectly fallen apple cider.


Dried flowers of preserved silver dollar eucalyptus bush

Incorporate red eucalyptus into your Thanksgiving decor, the unexpected purple hue reminds us of fall leaves.

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