The artist embroiders beautiful dried flower arrangements directly on tulle



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Receiving a fresh floral bouquet is nice, but sometimes you want something a little more unique and lasting. Well, Olga Prinku creates a special type of flower arrangement that does not require water or a vase. The North Yorkshire-based artist uses real dried flowers as a medium for the art of colorful embroidery on delicate tulle.

“The idea for flower embroidery on tulle came from my hobby of making wreaths,” Prinku told My Modern Met. “I once made a wreath using a garden sieve – the kind you use to extract stones from the ground – as a frame to hold the greenery in place, and it occurred to me that I could apply the same basic idea to experimenting with tulle fabric and flowers. She used this delicate technique to create pieces the size of her palm for others that are larger than her torso.

Each hoop features a completely unique design that interacts with the shape of the hoop, however, Prinku says she doesn’t start her art with a clear idea in mind. “Instead, I’ll choose the materials I’m going to use – a combination of flowers, herbs, berries, leaves and seed heads – based on a color palette, which can be complementary or contrasting colors or inspired by the seasons, such as the reds, yellows and browns of fall, ”she continues. “I will then freestyle the design as I go.”

Some of the materials used in his embroidery art can be found on his walks in the North Yorkshire countryside, or in his garden. “Since I started looking at the plants around me with the aim of creating art with them, I have become much more aware of the intricate beauty of aspects of nature that I would have previously overlooked,” explains Prinku. “I got used to the changing seasons and the number of plants that have different types of visual appeal at different stages of their life cycle, from bud to flowering to pod. “

While the beauty inherent in working with plants is of great appeal to her, the artist finds the process equally rewarding. The delicacy and fragility of dried flowers demands that Prinku be present while she works. “I find embroidering flowers on tulle to be a great way to focus my attention and focus, and I can often get into a state of flux that lasts for hours,” she adds.

You can pre-order his book Dried flower embroidery via Bookshop and stay up to date with his latest creations by following the artist on Instagram.

Artist Olga Priku creates incredible embroidery art by sewing real dried flowers directly onto tulle.

Dried flower embroidery by Olga PrinkuDried flower embroidery by Olga PrinkuFlower on Tulle Embroidery by Olga PrinkuFlower on Tulle Embroidery by Olga PrinkuFlower on Tulle Embroidery by Olga PrinkuFlower on Tulle Embroidery by Olga PrinkuFlower on Tulle Embroidery by Olga PrinkuFlower on Tulle Embroidery by Olga PrinkuFlower on Tulle Embroidery by Olga PrinkuFlower on Tulle Embroidery by Olga Prinku

You can pre-order Prinku’s book right now:

Dried Flower Embroidery Book

Olga Prinku | $ 21.15

Olga Prinku: Website | Instagram

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