The 2000+ version of the Shrimpinator MMR


In Infinite Axis, team synergies are incredibly important. While some axes like the Terminator archetype are powerful on their own, these powerful axes become more effective with a team covering their weaknesses. In this guide, we are going to show you how to play the advanced yet rewarding version of Shrimpinator which is current at 2000 MMR and above.

Source: Clutch points

The Shrimpinator Comp team

The term “Shrimpinator” is a combination of the Axie Shrimp body part and the Axis Terminator archetype that has dominated the meta in various team lineups. This team build is incredibly powerful but can be a bit more difficult to play, as you have to wait for precise draws before you are truly effective.

This team usually consists of an Aqua axy with the Chitin Jump card, a Terminator archetypal axy, and a Plant axy on the front. There are a few variations of this version with different maps, but the concept is generally the same. If your budget is tighter, you may choose to replace some of these cards with a cheaper version that is also less efficient. In this guide, we’ll cover the most effective axie builds for this squad build, and it’s up to you to decide if you want to replace a few cards for your own squad.

The plant reservoir

Source: Clutch points

First of all, we go with a plant axie in the front to absorb the damage. Like most plant axies, the purpose of this build is to protect your other two axies by being a large shield of meat. However, this plant also ideally comes with the Gas Unleash card, which applies the poison debuff to any axia that attacks this plant.

The complete parts list is:

  • Pumpkin (October treat)
    • Draw a card when this axy’s shield is broken
  • Serious (vegetable bite)
    • Steal energy from your opponent when combined with another card
  • Leaf Bug (Disguise)
    • Gain energy when this card is combined with a plant card
  • Yam (gas rampage)
    • Apply poison whenever this card is used to attack or defend

This version uses poison quite well, so any additional application of the poison debuff will do wonders. Disguise and Plant Bite are your energy gain cards and are incredibly powerful when played together. The October treat will keep your plant from bursting, especially when you’re certain your opponent is going to unload a lot of damage cards on your front line.

While this axy may lack damage, it makes up for it with incredible utility, giving you powerful plays in the first turn and applying plenty of poison stacks to your enemy’s axies. It is important to have a 31 speed plant, which is the lowest possible speed for an axy. This ensures that this axy will likely always be the last one, which is important when trying to steal your opponent’s energy with Vegetal Bite.

Aquatic shrimp

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Your midliner for this build will usually be an Aqua Axie, although we’ve seen very rare Dusk Axies with the same deck of cards. This is where the “shrimp” of Shrimpinator comes from, as the Chitin Jump map is incredibly important to the success of this build.

The complete parts list is:

  • Screaming Worm (Barb Strike)
    • Applies 2 debuff charges of poison when played in chain
  • Fish at risk (hook)
    • Applies an Attack Buff to this Axis when attacking a Plant, Reptile, or Twilight Axis
  • Bench Star (Shuriken Star)
    • Immediately kill an axie instead of putting it in Last Stand if this card reduces its HP to zero
  • Shrimp (Chitin Jump)
    • Targets the furthest enemy axis

The set of cards in this axy is all about patience and waiting for the right cards before blowing your energy on an all-out attack. Due to the Chitin Jump card, this ax can target your opponent’s baseline axis, which is usually the strongest axis on their team. The objective of this axy is usually to backdoor your opponent with two Barb Strikes, applying FOUR stunning stacks of the poison debuff. This is usually enough for this axie to die a slow and painful death.

Fish Hook and Star Shuriken are two high damage Aqua cards that can eat away at your opponent’s health bar pretty quickly, even if those cards hit an axie with a body type that against Aquas. For this axy, it’s important to aim for the highest possible speed, which is a stat of 54 Speed. This makes the Shrimp Aqua faster than Dusk Terminators, and even other Aqua Axies with one or two Beast cards.

The Twilight Terminator

Source: Clutch points

I’m sure you’re familiar with the Terminator version that dominates the Infinite Axis meta for a few months. While a Reptile Terminator is already quite effective for this build, we choose to run a Dusk Body Terminator here for several reasons.

The complete parts list is:

  • Snail shell (Sticky Goo)
    • Stuns the enemy axis when it breaks that axis’s shield
  • Little Turtle (Chomp)
    • Stuns the enemy when combined with two or more other cards
  • Delay (Mystic Rush)
    • Slows the enemy down for two turns
  • Thorny caterpillar (allergic reaction)
    • Deals 130% damage to weakened target

The Dusk Terminator is a beast in 1v1 scenarios. While a Reptile Terminator is good, a Dusk Terminator is superb. A reptile’s maximum speed is only 42, while a Dusk Terminator can reach a speed of 46. It may not seem like much, but in a game where the smallest stat increase matters, it can make a difference. between winning and losing a 1v1.

You want to get a 46 speed Twilight Termi, with a health stat of at least 50. This ensures that your Terminator is both fast and tanky. In the higher MMR ranges, Reptile Terminators are a thing of the past. It all depends on the Dusk body type, and for good reason. Even if you buy a Dusk Terminator that’s under 46 speed, as long as you’re faster than the 42 Speed ​​Reptile Termis, you’ll do pretty well.

The Shrimpinator Axie game plan

Now the Shrimpinator version has a pretty specific game plan. This version was specially designed to take apart team builds that also run Terminators. Your goal for most of the game is to defeat the far axis with a combination of raw damage and poison.

Round 1

Your first turn will usually be a jump, unless you have Disguise and / or Vegetable Bite. Combining October Treat with Disguise or Vegetal Bite is a good defensive game that also gives you energy. Being able to draw a card with October Treat is also great.

In some niche situations, you can immediately go for a backdoor with your Aqua, but 95% of the time you’ll want to save energy and cards for a big burst of damage in rounds 2-4.

Barb Strike chaining

Ideally, in rounds 2-4 you’ve saved enough cards and energy to absolutely decimate the enemy backline. The ideal combo is Chitin Jump, Barb Strike, Fish Hook, then Barb Strike again. In order to chain cards for Barb Strike to poison, you must use a Bug-type card on another of your axes. Disguise, Mystic Rush, Sticky Goo, and Allergic Reaction are all Bug-type cards that you can use for this.

Sometimes you won’t get two Barb Strikes to apply all the poison at once. It is very good. You can also use Fish Hook or Star Shuriken, as long as you target the baseline with a significant amount of damage.

This Shrimpinator build is all about patience and waiting for the perfect time to combine. Unlike other versions, you don’t want to go through the front line first, but hold onto your high damage cards right after targeting the back line.

Midpoint at the end of the game

After killing or drastically crippling their bottom line, you are free to attack their front line with your Terminator. The classic combos of Mystic Rush, Allergic Reaction, and Chomp will work wonders, especially if their frontline is also a reservoir of plants.

At this point, their backline should slowly bleed from the poison. This leaves you free to take their midline down a notch if you have another Chitin jump combo available or go through the front with your Aqua and Terminator cards.


If you follow this strategy, you will find yourself climbing the ranks very quickly. While it may not work 100% of the time, the Shrimpinator version is very consistent and excellent compared to other Terminator versions, as well as the classic Bir Beast Plants and Double Aqua setups.

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