The 10 Most Popular Interior Design Styles Revealed

Homeowners are rethinking the way they decorate their homes during the pandemic, leading to a resurgence of a particular type of interior design. See the 10 most popular styles

With many people in New South Wales retreating indoors again due to the Omicron wave, many are turning their attention to their homes and exploring options to improve them.

Uswitch experts have discovered which interior decor is the most popular for each room in the house, putting together a top ten list by analyzing four million pins on Pinterest.

In total, more than 4.9 million pins were retrieved across 230 individual searches.
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The most popular decorating style per room on Pinterest was the Vintage theme seen in kitchens, with a total of 391,131 Pins.

A vintage kitchen can be easily infused with a designer’s personality to make it distinctive, cluttering the space with everything from aged cookware passed down from generation to generation to great flea market finds.

Vintage design was also the most popular interior design style for the living room and has been pinned 259,021 times and includes antique rugs with oversized sofas that give off a warm and welcoming vibe.

Vintage interiors were a favorite among Pinterest pins with the unique charm it adds to homes, while contemporary design keeps the home sleek and modern that will never go out of style.

Working from home usually requires a home office space that inspires and encourages productivity. With 52,163 pins, industrial is the favorite look for most Australians and their offices.

An industrial design is characterized by large open spaces, lots of textures and bare brick walls. Its purpose is to resemble a working environment, making it a perfect fit for the home office.

Shabby chic decor takes the lead in bedroom interiors with a total of 119,961 pins. This usually includes lots of prints – florals and polka dots – with beds stacked with ruffled pillows for a touch of nostalgia.

Most popular decoration style by room

#1: Vintage (kitchen) – 391,131 pins

#2: Vintage (living room) – 259,021 pins

#3: Contemporary (bathroom) – 172,146 pins

#4: Shabby chic (bedroom) – 119,961 pins

#5: Industrial (home office) – 52,163 pins

#6: Rustic (basement) – 24,400 pins

#7: Shabby chic (Dining room) – 22,122 pins

#8: Rustic (Family Room) – 11,664 pins

#9: Vintage (Attic) – 7,841 pins

#10: Rustic (Laundry Room) – 166 pins

Most Popular Interior Design Styles

#1 Vintage – 876,238 pins

#2 Contemporary – 530,883 pins

#3 Rustic – 412,313 pins

#4 Traditional – 385,012 pins

#5 Scandinavian – 375,020 pins

#6 Shabby chic – 359,365 pins

#7 Coastal – 316,009 pins

#8 Bohemian – 300,242 pins

#9 Minimalist – 290,444 pins

#10 Industrial – 215,687 pins

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