Simulation of online credit buyback for owner in 2 mn

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The loan consolidation loan is intended for many borrower profiles classified by category, but more particularly to candidates for a buyback operation for homeowners credit we will discover through the few lines of this article.

Purchase of consumer credit for owner

Purchase of consumer credit for owner

Among the various debt restructuring schemes, there is the purchase of consumer credit. A new loan which comes to pay off several outstanding loans to allow the borrowers to centralize the remaining capital due to the various debts due in a single debt.

A fixed rate and amortizable nature, credit consolidated for consumption is adapted to the capacity of repayment of debtors through a monthly payment tailored to the good management of the monthly budget.

You can combine renewable loans and personal loans in a consumer loan buyback, but also auto loans or work, or debts of family, personal or tax. Cash can be allocated to Olive Chancellorment’s plan. This is a cash envelope that is justified or not justified as to the use of the funds lent.

Mortgage credit purchase simulation

Mortgage credit purchase simulation

Anyone can do a simulation, but the mortgage purchase is reserved for the borrower who owns at least one property.

Indeed, the principle of the grouping of loans with mortgage lies in the fact that a property guarantee is required by the lending institution to cover the insolvency risks of the debtor (s).

The property taken into account for mortgage guarantee, there is the principal or secondary dwelling and the rental properties. Extraordinary property is property not conforming to the building permit, unfinished, habitable or not. Atypical buildings and out of metropolitan France, as well as bare land.

The offer may be to the features of a personal loan with mortgage guarantee. For a restructuring amount from € 80,000, the amortization period is in the range of 144 to 300 months (from 12 to 25 years). So, it is necessary to count in the plan of regrouping the provision of the expenses of notary.

The banking products that can be bought back are the loans taken into account for conso debts, real estate debts up to 60% of the amount financed, the purchase of balance and secured loans. Non-repurchased receivables are professional and gambling debts, as well as loans taken out abroad or by an SCI (even family).

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