Repair the boat quest guide

There are many quests in Disney Valley of Dreams, but some of them should be prioritized over others. One such example is Moana’s quest titled “Fix the Boat”, as completing this quest will reward players with a steady supply of fish that they can sell, cook as gifts, or use for quests. However, this quest can be somewhat difficult to complete, especially since it can be reached quite early if players choose to go to Moana’s realm before going to Wall-E or Remy’s realms. Even so, with a little dedication and patience, players will have Moana’s boat up and running in no time.


The first step to complete this Disney Valley of Dreams The quest is unlocking it, so players must travel to Moana’s kingdom and convince her to return to the valley. As with all friendship quests, players will first need to reach Moana’s friendship level high enough before the quest becomes available. In this case, Moana just needs to be at level 2.

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Accept Moana’s Quest

Accept Moana’s quest and she’ll take players to the beach to show them that her boat is in bad shape. The first step of this quest is to collect materials for repairing the boat. In total, players will need the following:

– 50 Softwoods

– 70 fibers

– 3 pink hydrangeas

Softwood can be found on the ground in any biome, usually spawning near trees. It’s always good to collect and store as much wood as possible, as it’s needed for many quests and recipes. The fiber is made from seaweed at the rate of five fibers for one seaweed. Growing seaweed in Dream Light Valley, use the fishing rod in any non-boiling water or look around near the water’s edge. Finally, pink hydrangeas can be found growing on the beach, just look for bright pink flowers.

How to Repair Moanas Dreamlight Valley Dazzle Beach Boat

After acquiring these materials, players must head to a crafting table and craft them into parts for the boat. Using the materials they have just harvested, players must craft the following items:

– 3 rustic wooden crates

– 3 Baskets

– 4 strings

Now go give these items to Moana to repair the boat. After that, a mysterious object known as the Leader Shard will appear, show it to Moana to complete the quest. These Leader Fragments are important to Moana’s questline, but players will need to continue befriending her to find out how.

With Moana’s boat repaired, she will now automatically sail and catch fish for the player. Just return to the boat every once in a while to pick up whatever she’s caught. Players can also interact with the Scrooge panel next to the boat to upgrade it, allowing the boat to store more fish at once and catch rarer types of dream valley fish.

Disney Valley of Dreams is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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