Planners praise proposed mall design

Surgit Singh appeared before the Ceres Planning Commission on Monday and received unanimous approval to develop a five-building, 3.3-acre shopping center on the northeast corner of Mitchell Road and Roeding Road.

Singh gained approval on his Provisional Acquisition Plot Map (VTPM) by creating three commercial lots from two existing plots. A conditional use license was also approved by the commission.

The L-shaped project will face Mitchell Road north of an existing small shopping center and wrap partially behind it. Immediately around the corner is a former strip mall that contains eight businesses, including Liquor King, a flower shop, an Indian store, and a hairdresser.

Singh also offers five commercial buildings totaling 32,287 square feet, which include:

• A building of 8,567 square feet (including 5,567 square feet for restaurant use and the remaining 3,000 square feet designed for businesses/offices);

• Two separate retail/office buildings of 8,520 square feet and 9,600 square feet;

• Two fast food blocks with each building designed for 2,800 square feet and each having drive-thru.

Lead planner James Michaels showed what the project will look like, noting that it involves architecture of varying heights and multiple planes and materials, including horizontal wood paneling and gray stucco.

“Staff believe that the design of these buildings will incorporate attractive, high quality design features that will be readily visible to the public,” said Michaels.

The center will be accessible from Mitchell Road and also Roeding Road and will include 157 parking spaces that meet the city’s parking ratio standard.

“It’s very pretty – it’s an attractive installation,” commented curator Bob Kachel.

Max Garcia of GDR Engineering at Ceres said he was proud of the design and “will make a great centre”. He added that it was refreshing to see someone who wants to build something good in Ceres.

Renee Ledbetter, a Ceres Chamber of Commerce official and local realtor, praised Singh and his representatives “because it’s a beautiful project and something I’m very excited about.”

“It’s been a long time since we’ve had a new development in Ceres and now, with Walmart and the Gateway project, it’s going to be a great addition to the Mitchell Road corridor. And that’s going to make my job a lot easier because I have people calling me every day looking for (commercial) space that we just don’t have in Ceres.

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