Perfect “honesty” heirloom plant for dried flower arrangements



Sometimes referred to as a “money plant,” it is known for its fragrant, lilac flower clusters in spring and the round, papery pods, like silver dollars, that follow.

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Q. What is the plant commonly known as “Honesty”?

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A. Honesty, also known as a “money plant,” is an ancestral flower cultivated for its fragrant, lilac flower clusters in spring and the round, papery, silver dollar-like pods that follow. The stems carrying the pods are very popular in dried flower arrangements. Left in the garden, the almost transparent discs can be quite decorative in fall and winter, especially on sunny days.

The botanical name for the silver plant is Lunaria, derived from the Latin “luna” meaning the moon – which is round and silvery, like pods.

Lunaria is a biennial, like digitalis. The seeds fall from the dried pods, germinate and form rosettes of foliage that remain over the winter. In spring, rosettes send flowering stems. The full botanical name is Lunaria annua, although the plants are not annuals. The “annua” can refer to the fact that once the plant is established in a garden, there will be flowers year after year as the plants self-seed profusely.

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Brother Nature Seeds (Victoria) and West Coast Seeds (Lower Mainland) list Lunaria annua.

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A. I added height to a vulnerable section of the fence with a length of black deer netting stretched between and tied to thin posts, which were easily attached to sturdy main fence posts. A few pieces of flags attached to the almost invisible net alert the deer to its presence.

Laying fishing nets or chicken netting along the outer base of the fence can be effective in deterring deer. They will sense the danger of getting trapped in the net, and deer also fear getting caught in the fence.

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