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Dried flower arrangements make a sweet statement all year round. Their rustic quality and stunning texture make them a particularly nice accent for fall, and we’ve scoured the market for contemporary florists who are breaking new ground on what has been proven successful. These flowers are just as beautiful as their fresh counterparts and do not require fakes, but are virtually maintenance free – simply place them in a favorite container and admire them for months, if not years, to come. And no matter your style or color preference, you’re bound to find a bouquet (or two) to suit your aesthetic. Can’t smell the full flower arrangement? That’s good too – we’re also sharing some of our favorite individual stems and branches so you can organize however you like. Check out some of the best flowers to display this time of year.


Afloral is full of dried flowers and herbs in all shapes, sizes, textures and colors. Whether you want to buy a la carte and create your own bouquet, or prefer to order an affordable, pre-made bouquet wrapped in festive kraft paper, you can’t go wrong. And if you’re a lover of holiday decorating, the special selection of holiday-specific decorations might inspire you to go all out for the winter season: think wreaths and garlands galore, which are all pretty and classic, not out of date.

Amaranth Globe Red Natural Strawberry


The land is always one of our must-see stops for chic home and garden decor. While we can honestly spend hours researching the retailer’s thousands of offers for any room in the house, we’ll note that the dried bunches and stems don’t disappoint. Whether your style is understated, colorful, or a little bohemian, there really are options for everyone. Terrain also offers branches that stand out on their own, but would also add intrigue to any bouquet.

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Bouquet of canned dwarf palm leaves


Etsy also doesn’t disappoint in the fall flower department. A simple search for pampas grass alone yields mind-boggling results, with stems that seem almost as tall as an adult adult (and could be useful as room dividers). And if you do a large inventory of your vase collection as you browse, options abound, including this affordable concrete option, which is trendy but simple enough to blend in with a number of decor styles. Since dried flowers obviously don’t need water, we’ve found that they look best in vases that aren’t transparent.

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Vintage 80s Dried Eucalyptus Vase Arrangement


For the neutral lover in your life, we recommend The Logan, a monochrome, mostly white bouquet from UrbanStems, which comes with a matching matte vase. The arrangement arrives packaged in a festive cardboard box that mimics traditional bouquet deliveries, making it the perfect birthday or pickup gift for a loved one during their forties and beyond. If your recipient prefers color, the rose-filled The Claire is also a great option and will brighten up a space in seconds. Whichever color combination you choose, UrbanStems’ offerings are a great choice to give away due to their presentation and the fact that there is absolutely no styling time required.

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Bloomist offers striking dried flower bouquets as well as accents such as Spanish moss, dried herbs and more. For a festive fall touch that isn’t too precious, we’re especially drawn to the bright yellow of their dried natural yarrow. Put them in a container with other dried stems or mix them with real eucalyptus for a calming look and a fresh scent as a bonus.

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Unsurprisingly, Anthropologie, owned by URBN, the parent company of Terrain and Urban Outfitters, also offers a selection of Instagrammable packs. The dried flower arrangements look at contrasting shapes and soft but distinctive colors.

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No more appointments

Be sure to consult your local florist for inspiring options when searching for your next bouquet. While their delivery areas may be smaller, they are likely to store the most unique dried stems available in your area. We love the offerings of Saint Flora in the Bay Area and Oat Cinnamon and Pop Up Florist for innovative dried compositions in New York City.

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The Mini Dried Eternal Arrangement (Chakra)

If you’re on a budget, craft stores are also full of all kinds of supplies for dried flower arrangements this time of year, as well as supplies you might need for yourself. Additionally, you might enjoy bundling a few stems from various retailers to make up a unique bouquet or to complement some of the offerings shown above. That said, we’re not averse to spending a little more up front on preserved flowers that will stand the test of time.

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