Neighbor Lakewood Tissue Paper Flower Arrangements Make Any Room Bloom



Photograph courtesy of Megan Stoffer.

A neighbor in Lakewood can make any room bloom with tissue paper flower arrangements.

When Megan Stoffer and her family moved into their newly reconstructed home in the summer of 2020, she wanted to add a splash of color to her daughter’s bedroom.

“I’ve always been in design and grew up in San Antonio where there are a lot of bright colors,” she said. “When we built this house, its style was more modern, but I wanted to implement the color and style of my upbringing. “

Stoffer, a former photographic stylist at Fossil, used tissue paper and hot glue to create giant flowers which she accented with sheets of tissue paper and vines. After hanging up the artwork and posting it on social media, she received requests from neighbors who wanted to buy one for their nurseries, children’s bedrooms or playrooms.

“It was just an idea that came to my mind,” she said. “I just knew I could do it.”

Stoffer sells arrangements of up to 30 flowers. The size of each flower ranges from 8 inches to 2 feet and takes between 15 and 30 minutes to make. The part is reusable and will remain in good condition as long as it is not handled excessively.

Art installations are great for children’s rooms, but they can also be used as party decorations. Additionally, individual flowers are available as handbag accessories, gift decorations, and Easter basket decorations.

Stoffer charges $ 350 for an arrangement of 15 flowers. Delivery and installation costs are included in the price. Message her on Facebook or Instagram to order.

“It’s a fun and happy thing, and I think kids respond to creativity, art and color,” Stoffer said. “I think [bright colors] stimulate the mind and make people happy.

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