Myanmar flower design impresses at Taiwan flora exhibition


Named “The Promised Land”, Myanmar’s exhibits show off its national characteristics with the floral pattern corresponding to the Myanmar flag.

The white pentagram represents the permanence of Myanmar, the yellow, green and red plants draw the color of the flag: yellow to represent unity, lush green for peace and tranquility, and red for courage and determination. The design was created by the organization I Love Myanmar.

I Love Myanmar has participated in the World Flora Expo Taiwan since 2016, said Levi Sap Nei Thang, director of I Love Myanmar.

“It’s my hobby and I also grow so many plants in Myanmar. Now, I am really happy to participate and build the Myanmar garden in this flora exhibition as a representative of Myanmar, ”she said.

Levi Sap Nei Thang herself plants many kinds of plants and flowers in Myanmar without the support of the Myanmar government. She hopes that through her participation in the exhibition, Myanmar will be known in other countries for its diverse flora and fauna.

The global garden competition was held at the Houli Horse Ranch & Forest Expo site, where a large number of trees from the original military camp are kept.

The competition was described as a flower show in the forest.

The competitors presented the different developments of the horticultural industry and the culture of each country through the arrangement of gardens. The unique features allowed visitors to experience different flora and fauna from all over the world.

Chia-Lung Lin, Mayor of Taichung City, said, “We are going to show you how this exhibition is not just a flower exhibition but also a sustainable development of the city with a harmonious balance between man and woman. nature “.

In the design of their gardens, participants had to meet criteria under the theme of the exhibition, Greenery, Nature and People, and also integrate elements of the forest to build a garden rich in biodiversity, so that horticultural design and nature.

“People are also part of nature. Opening up a dialogue between people and the forest will be another mission. Let nature come to life, invite visitors to experience the beauty of nature, the vitality and warmth of plants, and bring the charm of nature to more people, ”said Chia-Lung Lin.

Thirty countries participate in the competition. Each is allocated a space of 300 square meters. In addition to expressing the characteristics of their countries, crucial topics such as forest and water resources should be included in the landscaping of gardens, the official added.

The Taichung World Flora Exhibition runs until April 24 next year.

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