Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Aromatic Gins

This Mother’s Day, you could give your mom a gift of “Mother Gin,” as gin was once known.

“We have to tell the story the way it should be told, every time we raise a glass to ‘Mother Gin’ we do an act of restoration,” says Dr Nicola Nice, founder and owner of the gin liqueur Pomp & Whimsy, a brand dedicated to telling the true story of women.

In the 1700s and early 1800s, gin was known as “Mother Gin,” Nice explains. It was the favorite drink of royalty, with Queen Mary and William of Orange doing much to build the spirit’s popularity.

In honor of “Mother Gin”, here’s a roundup of some particularly aromatic and eminently drinkable gins to gift your mother.

Pump and Fancy ($35)

Founded and owned by a Niçoise, who is herself a mother Pomp & Whimsy is a gin liqueur that exists to celebrate women and their role in the history of spirits. A reimagining of the classic gin cordial for contemporary palates, this delicious spirit features light citrus and exotic fruits with a dry, warm spicy finish with just the right hint of juniper. If you want to know more about the history of “Mother Gin”, Nice wrote this beautiful piece.

Uncle Val’s Gin ($39)

Uncle Val’s Gin was inspired by 3 Badge Beverage Corp. President August Sebastiani’s real-life Uncle Val, Zio Valerio Cecchetti. The real Uncle Val was known for his botanical concoctions which he grew in his garden in Italy. If your mom loves botanical gins, this might be the perfect gift for her. If she’s got a taste for life, you might want to try Uncle Val’s Zested Gin. The company is also sponsoring a “Zest for Life” cocktail contest on, which runs until the end of May, and if you win, you can take your mom to Italy. Uncle Val’s also makes other delicious gins, including restorative and peppery.

Wild Kentucky Gin ($29.99)

New Riff Distilling’s Kentucky Wild Gin is crafted with wild-harvested local Kentucky botanicals, which capture the flavors native to the Ohio Valley and reflect the historic ingredients of Kentucky gin. Twelve botanicals are distilled directly in the pot, including a range of typical European gin ingredients like angelica, iris, licorice root and three types of citrus. To this, New Riff adds two local wild seasonings, picked by farmers, including a wild juniper berry and the amazing American spice, as well as a bit of Kentucky’s state flower, goldenrod. The base spirit includes a hint of new make rye whiskey spirit, enriching the texture and lengthening the flavor. If your mom likes things a little more energetic, try the version aged in bourbon barrels for five to seven months ($32.99).

Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA ($39.99)

If your mom loves the seaside, then maybe she’d like a bottle of gin made with coastal herbs, seaside botanicals and a crisp citrus finish that’s the new NEPTUNIA. Made by legendary master distiller Lesley Gracie, this limited-edition version from Hendrick’s can also be paired with a Magic-of-the-Sea spa kit to complete the NEPTUNIA experience.

Rehorst Gin ($30)

This handcrafted gin features nine different botanicals, including two unusual ones: sweet basil and Wisconsin ginseng. Both add a tango of depth to this fully drinkable gin, making for a delicious gin cocktail or two. But if your mother doesn’t drink, founder Guy Rehorst offers you his new non-alcoholic gin Junipre. Junipre ($30) shares many of the same botanicals, but it contains no alcohol.

The Botanist, $32.99

This dry Islay gin is distilled with 22 botanicals which are sustainably harvested each year from March to October from the hills, bogs and shores of Islay. It takes professional forager James Donaldson seven months to pick and dry each botanical, but the resulting gin is herbaceous and floral.

Coconut Bimini Gin, $38

This modern American gin distills the juniper a little differently so that its pine flavors are separated and the floral and fruity notes are only extracted. In addition to their regular gin, Bimini Coconut Gin is grease washed with organic and fair trade certified coconut oil to add a subtle coconut flavor that pairs well with tropical cocktails.

Highclere Gin Castle ($42.99)

If your mother loved Downton Abbey, consider gifting her this lovely English gin, considered “the spirit of the real Downton Abbey”. Made with plants from the castle’s herb gardens, it is made by Radio Fiona Carnavon and her husband, Lord Carnarvon, the eighth Earl of Carnarvon.

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