Meet the doctor who saves wedding flower arrangements and gives them to hospital patients


This Virginia doctor has found a unique way to brighten up hospital stays.

Eleanor Love came up with the idea for The Simple Sunflower – a project that offers wedding and event flower arrangements to inpatients – in 2019 when she was a medical student at Virginia Commonwealth University.

“I was inspired by my clinical placements as a medical student to give back to my patients in new and different ways,” said Love, now 27. PEOPLE (The TV Show!) in Wednesday’s episode.

After getting the idea, Love began contacting local wedding planners – and to date her team have been able to provide nearly 1,000 arrangements for patients at VCU Medical Center.

eleanor love

Alan wei Eleanor Amour

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Although it is a simple gesture, the gift of flowers can have a big impact on patients.

Besides making their hospital stay more comfortable, Love said unexpected deliveries can also “improve their hospital experience and potentially even reduce fatigue.”

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Of all the lives she’s touched, one person stands out.

“My favorite moment is when I delivered flowers to a patient who had been in the hospital for weeks recovering from heart disease,” Love recalls. “When I brought the flowers to her, she was so shocked and so surprised because we bring the flowers as some kind of anonymous gift.”

eleanor love

eleanor love

Alan wei Eleanor Amour

After three weeks in the hospital, the flowers made all the difference.

“Her face lit up, she started to cry, she told me about her garden at home,” Love explained. “She told me that she had been in the hospital for three weeks and that it was a very long and difficult experience for her. And it really brightened up her day and brightened her stay.”

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