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Staff at the Greater Moundsville Convention & Visitors Bureau are gearing up for spring and summer, with the first undertaking being the distribution of the annual Visitors Guide publication.

It is planned to distribute 30,000 guides in the coming weeks, with the first being dropped off in Columbus. This is the seventh year that GMCVB members have attended conventions in Columbus, Pittsburgh and elsewhere.

This year’s visitor guide is quite different from previous years due to its size.

The first page of the guide begins:

“Your adventure begins here in Moundsville with a variety of outdoor attractions, cultural tours and historic sites that make Moundsville the perfect destination for your next getaway. Visit Moundsville’s namesake, the Grave Creek Mound, and enjoy a tour of the historical museum while learning about the area’s first inhabitants. Across the street, the Old West Virginia Penitentiary strikes a balance between history and mystery. Take a day trip or stay overnight for a paranormal investigation. After some mystery, head to Cockayne Farm to learn about one of the county’s first settlers and tour the historic 1850s farmhouse. Then visit the Golden Palace, with its gold-leaf architecture. gold, colorful stained glass windows, award-winning rose garden, lotus pond and vegetarian restaurant. Your next adventure awaits at Grand Vue Park, stay in a luxurious treetop villa, venture through the zipline and aerial course, relax in a hot tub in your cabin, or stroll along one of the peaceful trails.”

The guide includes accommodation sites, dining establishments, stores, as well as attractions located not only in Moundsville, but also in Cameron, St. Clairsville, Wheeling and Steubenville.

By the way, there is a new facility at Grand Vue Park, an RV parking area that will open on April 29. There will be space for 40 vehicles.

Since the park pool will not be operational this year, the park will provide transportation to nearby pools.

Local historians Gary Rider and Roseanne Daken Keller are looking for photos and information regarding two former Marshall County facilities, the Marx Toy Factory in Glen Dale and Benwood Works. They plan to prepare books from both industries and hope to publish them soon.

The “Memoirs of Marx Toy” will feature photos of workers and of the factory itself. The factory was at one time the largest Marx toy factory in the United States.

“Memories of the Benwood Works” will be the title of the book recalling the installation of Benwood.

Both factories closed in the 1980s.

Anyone with data from these two facilities who can share it should contact Rider at 304-845-3161 or Keller at 304-845-4178.

Today is the last day for candidates to file nominations for various electoral positions in the city, but as of Thursday it looked like there would be few people filing an opposition. The same problem concerns certain county stations.

In Benwood, four council seats and that of chief of police are on that town’s ballot, and as of Thursday, five people who currently hold those seats were unopposed. They are: for council, Curt Mele, first ward; Larry Ferrera III, second room; Clyde “Bud” Lundsford, Third Ward; Bob Rose, fourth ward; and for Police Chief Frank Longwell.

In McMechen, filing had been slow as of 9 a.m. Friday, as only two people had filed. The mayor’s office and six council seats need to be filled. Those who registered early Friday were Bill Wilson for the first ward council and Danielle McCombs, the second ward council. The municipal building will be open from 9 a.m. to noon today (Saturday).

Cameron Mayor H. Greg Galentine has sought re-election. There will be at least two people running for the first ward council seat, namely Kenny Richmond and Stephanie Neely; Sherry Johnson, Second Ward; and Joseph Wendt, third room.

Four seats are open in the town of Glen Dale, with the current people having filed for re-election. They are Mayor David Blazer, recorder Gerald Trembush and council members Eric Anderson and Lou Richmond.

At the county level, the following people had applied:

County Clerk — Melanie Madden.

Circuit Clerk–Joseph Rucki.

County Commissioner (District 3) – John Gruzinzkas.

Board of Education–Brenda Coffield, Duane Miller and Christie Robison (three to be elected).

Conservation District Supervisor–Mark Fitzsimmons.

County Executive Committees: District 1–Arthur “Sonny” Oakland, Jr., (D); Patricia D. Weinschenker).

District 2–Julie Anderson (R), Ruth M. Bertrand (R), Mary Ann Tichnell (D), Carole Wood (R).

District 5–Joseph Canestraro (D); Susan Reilly (D).

District 6–Bill Joseph (R); Charles Reynolds (R).

District 7–Kevin Kaufman (D), Rhonda Kaufman (D), James Kimberly (R), Jayne Kimberly (R), and Brian Long (7).

District 8 – John E. Duffy (D) and Linda K. Duffy (D).

District 9 – David Evans (R) and Steven McDiffitt (D).

Testing for COVID-9 will continue at the Marshall County Health Department through February. They will be held at the Health Department at the corner of Sixth Street and Court Avenue.

Mobile testing will take place February 4 and 18 at Benwood Town Hall and February 11 and 25 at Cameron Town Hall. Hours of operation for the four test sites will be 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

There will also be walk-in vaccinations for the first, second and boosters.

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