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Sea Ganoderma is a world material in Genshin Impact, introduced in the Golden Apple Archipelago. This unique factory was one of the first connections with players and Inazuma.

Sea Ganoderma is a sea plant that will come in handy in upcoming Genshin Impact updates, so it’s a good idea to get ahead of the game and collect them now.

The following guide identifies Sea Ganoderma locations and how to use them in Genshin Impact 2.4

Sea Ganoderm

This plant species grows in certain areas near ocean coasts and islands. It looks like any fungus, but comes from a substance secreted by certain soft-bodied organisms.

Ganoderma Sea Locations

Sea Ganoderma is an Inazuma specialty found in all regions of Electro Nation.

The presence of Sea Ganoderma is the most important in Serai Island and Kannazuka.

Agricultural Road #1 – Kujou – Tatarasaruna

A fast route will start at the teleport point in Kujou’s camp. Then walk on the beach picking up Sea Ganoderma until the end of Tatarasarua.

Agricultural Road #2 – Amakumo Peak

Take the teleport to the center of Amakumo Peak on Serai Island. Then walk around the crater until you return to the starting point.

In this route, players can also collect spectra drops from the Amakumo Fruit farm.

Tsurumi Island Sea Ganoderma

There are a total of 148 Sea Ganoderm in nature. They reappear every 48 hours.

Ganoderma Sea Plant

Additionally, players can grow 8 Sea Ganoderma every 70 hours in A value path: Neat meadow in the pot of Serenitea. You can plant a new batch every 70 hours.

We recommend equipping the Seed Dispensary gadget on your farm tour to get Sea Ganoderma seeds for free.

Buy Sea Ganoderma

Travelers can also purchase Sea Ganoderma from NPC Herbalist Giu on Bubu Pharmacy.






Port of Ritou Obata fisherman 5 1000 Every 72 hours.

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Best Uses of Sea Ganoderma

In the current Genshin Impact 2.4, Sea Ganoderma’s only use is as ascension material for the 5-star Anemo character. Kazuha.

However, we can expect this specialty to have more uses in future updates. It is confirmed that Sea Ganoderma is required to upgrade the highly anticipated Yae Miko.

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