Lego flower bouquet test: a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day


To start the year, LEGO has expanded its line of home decor kits with a pair of creations in its Botanical Garden collection. And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, today we’re taking a look at the Bouquet of Flowers Kit, which offers a brick version of a classic gift for the big day. With plenty of detail and eye-catching techniques, be sure to head below for a closer look at the new LEGO flower bouquet and all of our thoughts on the unique exhibit.

Practice with the LEGO flower bouquet

As one of LEGO’s first additions to its new Botanical Garden collection, its recent bouquet stacks up to 756 pieces that put 15 flowers together. There’s everything from roses and snapdragons here to poppies, asters, daisies and herbs stacking up to make the unique brick home decor piece.

Each of the flowers shares a similar stem design, with one of two techniques. Some of the heavier builds use a series of connected Technic pieces that stack together to achieve the appropriate length. But there’s also a more simplistic design that takes advantage of the green Technic axles for a similar effect. The variation between the two styles here is certainly appreciated and offers the overall vibes you would get from real plants. We are therefore off to a fairly solid start.

Realistic, in a uniquely LEGO way

To talk about the actual flowers included in the LEGO bouquet here, there are 15 global versions with seven unique designs to achieve the different types. But since there are multiple versions of the same flower, this kit has quite a bit of repetitions while bringing it all together. That aside, the assembly experience certainly lives up to the more adult-centric emphasis here with each of the patterns layering foliage and petals to create the intricate botanical constructs.

There are a lot of interesting pieces used here that come in even more unique colors. You will find green surfboards, pterodactyl wings, and of course, real figurine flower elements that all combine to achieve its detailed appearance. LEGO even includes some of its sustainable Plants from Plants elements here, which is certainly a fitting touch.

Saying that the LEGO flower bouquet is a realistic build might be a bit of a stretch, but the whole model is certainly as accurate as it gets from the blocky stand. The different scales and construction techniques perfectly draw on the intended botanical theme and fully meet the mission of bringing you new brick home decor.

Another plus here is that the entire nature of the kit means you can tailor things to your liking. As well as being able to arrange the arrangement however you like, you have the option of dividing the LEGO flowers into multiple bouquets or leaving out some of the inclusions as you see fit.

But overall, the final product of the LEGO Flower Bouquet achieves a fantastic look that is quite eye-catching. The bright colors pair well and create a truly unique brick home decor piece that quite faithfully replicates a real life bouquet from LEGO.

Provide your own vase

Now that the individual flowers are in this set, the entire arrangement is not entirely finished with what is put together out of the box. This build is made up of brick flowers only, with no vase or anything to display them. This is by no means a compromise, but it is something to keep in mind with the LEGO flower bouquet. Chances are, most potential builders already have a vase at home, but if you’re planning on picking up this one, at least keep the fact that it doesn’t include it in your head.

Should I buy the LEGO flower bouquet?

Stacking up to 756 pieces, the LEGO Flower Bouquet comes in at a $ 49.99 price tag. This equates to a coin per dollar value of just $ 0.06, with the overall kit value being fair in my opinion. Of course, the novelty of the build is a big draw, but the workmanship is flawless and assembles a build that is worth far more than the sum of its parts.

9to5Toys point of view:

As one of LEGO’s most unique creations in its current catalog, this flower bouquet is a wonderful build for special occasions like Valentine’s Day. But it’s also just an original creation in its own right and a great way to bring brick decor to your space.

This certainly differs from the usual game-focused creations that we tend to focus our coverage on here at 9to5Toys, but moves out of that focus to apply to an even larger market of potential builders. In this respect, it is similar to recent LEGO Art kits, but can be even more attractive than these. Flowers are a mainstay in many homes to begin with, with this blocky interpretation giving adults the chance to create a centerpiece or a gift for a loved one that doesn’t need to be watered.

Whichever side you fall into, this is an easy recommendation for veteran LEGO builders or anyone looking to get a loved one into the action for the first time. Unfortunately, at the moment, the kit is out of stock at most retailers, although it will hopefully return before Valentine’s Day.

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