Lego Flower Bouquet: How to Buy the Entire Botanical Collection

Lego’s botanical collection is immensely popular, especially its flower bouquet.

The set made waves on TikTok where users shared videos of their creations, with the hashtag #legoflowers racking up over 84 million views.

While it once aimed at children, the Danish brand is continually adding to its list of buildable sets aimed at adults. Everything from an impressive jazz ensemble, perfect for music lovers, to a 3,000-piece roller coaster, have been hugely popular.

But if you want a bright and eye-catching floral design to be on display in your home, you have to see her bouquet of flowers. The set was inspired by real flowers and was specially designed to encourage you to take some mindful moments.

If you want to display this bright and eye-catching design in your home, here’s how it can be yours. Good build!

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Relax and unwind as you create your lovely flowers. The set snagged a spot in our review of the best Lego sets for adults, and our writer noted how “Lego’s Botanical Collection is designed to encourage creativity and ease stress,” adding that they were “totally hooked.” to the construction of this “pretty bouquet”.

The design is “inspired by real flowers including roses, poppies and daisies, the set is made from a plant-based plastic produced from sustainably sourced sugar cane for more eco-friendly play. the environment”.

But, “the real beauty is how customizable everything is,” they noted. “The stems can be taken apart and shortened or lengthened while the petals and leaves can be repositioned to create the unique bouquet of your dreams.” As for the shapes and colors of the petals, they were praised for being “beautifully realistic and looking great arranged in a vase or jar at home”.

Because you can customize it, “once you get bored of looking at it, you can take it all apart and rearrange the bouquet differently for a whole new display.” A great addition to your home.

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