Lazy Girl’s Tip # 1 for Beautiful Flower Arrangements

I love to make beautiful flower arrangements with lots of colors and textures. But, sometimes I just need pretty and I need it FAST… and my creative juice isn’t always overdrive. This is my # 1 fallback tip for ensuring pretty flower arrangements. The look is so stylish and gorgeous that even with a lot of time and an unlimited budget, you can go the exact same way.

So what is it? Buy lots of different flowers that are all the same color. No matter how you combine them, they work. It’s easy and provides a sense of continuity when you need multiple arrangements around your home or table. Plus, you can use this method to shop in the floral section of your local grocery store (we usually get ours from Kroger) and get great results.

First, I’ll show you some Pinterest examples, then we’ll go over the actual grocery store flower options and prove how pretty this tactic really is!

Pinterest Examples (my real-life arrangements to follow the professionally made ones!):

Several different types of white flowers make for a cohesive centerpiece. Mercury glass paper lanterns, white candles, and rustic home accessories complete this stunning look. Image: Pinterest

floral arrangement of white colors

This pic may make you stop the car the next time you drive past a field with Queen Anne’s lace flowers! While it’s not all white, you see the variations in one color are gorgeous: the palest of pinks and white combine to make a foolproof arrangement! Image: Pinterest

Peach pink flowers

Now let’s look at the bright and beautiful flowers. Stick with the same peach rose palette and you will end up with a stunning arrangement. Image: Pinterest

Orange blossom composition

As fall approaches, the use of orange and pumpkins resumes. Add berries, zinnias, and roses to a glass vase, with pumpkins in the water, and your gorgeous one-color arrangement is ready for any gathering you have planned. Image: Pinterest

Peonies and lilacs

Peonies and lilacs look gorgeous together, especially when they’re the same color. It just makes us wish we could smell the flowers through the screen because you know they smell amazing. Image: Pinterest

Playing on that same one-color flower idea, check out the ones we’ve made for some dinner parties. One has white flowers and the other yellow.

Thai dinner wooden plates and orchids

For this Thai dinner, all the flowers used were white. Here are some white orchids as well as some floating white candles.

Thai dinner with orchids and river stones in the center of the table

Different white orchids were used for this arrangement at the same Thai dinner. But, sticking to one color brought all the different tables together for a unified look, even though each table featured different dishes and decor.

Yellow flowers

They were yellow flowers picked at Kroger. When they’re all the same color, it’s easy to make a pretty arrangement!

Yellow flowers straight from the grocery store!

More Kroger Flowers… we could have added more greenery and really brightened them up, but the point was to quickly show how you can add fresh flowers to your home, using several different varieties and sticking to a color scheme.

The single color flower arrangement always works!

Even a small vase with a few flowers looks sweet and perfect.

So now you have Lazy Girls’ Flower Arrangement Tip # 1: Just pick flowers of the same color and you’re golden!

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