Introducing Abask, a home design site from the founder of MatchesFashion – Robb Report

In a world of constant trends, Abask seeks to simplify the search for meaningful collectibles. The new site was founded by two people who have years of experience with major high-end brands internationally: Tom Chapman, founder of MatchesFashion, and Nicolas Pickaerts, former e-commerce director of MatchesFashion.

The e-commerce platform is a new destination for design enthusiasts looking for curated, collectible and unique design items, with a particular focus on craftsmanship and rarity. They hope each piece will eventually become a future heirloom.

There is a wide range of amazing pieces.


“We decided to create Abask to simplify the search for exquisite items to collect or buy as gifts, and to inspire our customers to cherish the preservation of traditional craftsmanship and revel in the beauty and function of future legacies,” Chapman said. Robb Report. “Through various personal experiences, we have struggled to bring together carefully selected and meaningful objects or collections, whether to furnish a home or as a gift to loved ones.”

Abask ships to 165 countries and has over 2,000 items from 120 global brands. Pickaerts says they came into contact with many workshops, studios and artisans whose techniques were on the way out. The brands come from all over the world and include a mix of established designers, local manufacturers and vintage dealers. Each product is built around the concept of bedrooms and four key style pillars, including modernist, classic, minimalist and bohemian.


backgammon game


“For our initial launch, we spent nine months traveling the world and working closely with a panel of vintage dealers and experts to organize and source locally from Europe, South America, East Africa West, Asia and beyond,” says Pickaerts. “We’re not trying to represent every brand in a given category or include everything in a brand’s offering, but rather work with manufacturers who really own a specific category with a specific angle so that it’s consistent for our customers.”

The initial launch highlights the dining room, study, game room and bar and other rooms including the kitchen, bedroom, flower room and artist’s studio will be added every eight weeks, eventually extending to cover all parts. within the home. In addition, each product comes in beautiful recycled boxes designed by Parisian artist Sarah Martinon.


A classy bar set.


“We’ve also worked closely with various studios to relaunch a series of archival reissues,” says Chapman. “These include Venini, one of Murano’s most prestigious glass houses, where the original, transparent Fazzoletto vase, created to capture the flutter and folds of a handkerchief, has been reimagined in a palette on measure that includes the iconic Canne design.

There will also be exclusive collections by Zoë de Givenchy designed for Abask, London stationery Choose Keeping, exclusive backgammon sets by Alexandra Llewellyn and many more.

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