Interior design: trends that “make it harder to make a sale” – “big mistake”

Interior inspiration is easier to find than ever, with many posting their homes on social media, including Instagram and TikTok. However, sofa and rug specialist ScS has teamed up with Holly Herbet, content manager at, to uncover social media interior trends that can put shoppers off when looking around. of a property.

Bathrooms are often an important aspect of a property when it comes to buyers looking around a home.

While freestanding bathtubs may look great, according to Holly, they can present many practical issues.

She said: “Freestanding bathtubs require much more maintenance than normal varieties. You may need to make extra room under your floor for extra pipes and plumbing.

“If these pipes leak, accessing them can be incredibly expensive and create bad smells.”

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When it comes to hardware around the house, many may opt for gold as it can add a touch of elegance to the property.

However, according to Holly, this effect does not last long.

She explained, “The gold hardware can quickly look stained and marked, which is very noticeable. It can also be difficult to match it with other features in your home, especially once the golden color has faded.

Many people like to add a splash of color to their home, whether it’s with paint or upholstery.

Triangular painted walls, using frog tape to create colorful shapes, have been incredibly popular in recent years.

It adds multiple colors to a room as well as a pattern, adding texture to the home.

The expert advises against this technique because it is not always appreciated by buyers.

Holly said: ‘Overly expressive decorations, such as accented corners, scalloped edges, painted arches or frog tape walls, are all very tailored to individual tastes, which can make it harder to make a sale. .

“It’s best to stick to neutral colors.”

Painting over original features can also make a home harder to sell, as they often attract interest.

The expert advised owners to avoid damaging them by painting or carrying out DIY restoration work, as this could end up completely ruining the original features.

Amy Forster, Head of Content at ScS, said: “Social media can be great for finding tips and tricks for your home, but it’s interesting to see that many trends aren’t actually very popular with buyers.

“Before you dive into the latest craze, be sure to consider what it could do to your home and its appeal.

“Weigh that against how much you really want to add it to your space, especially if you plan to move, and then make your decision.”

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