How to Play Valorant Like a Pro – Tips and Tricks Guide

As Valorant, a competitive 5v5 shooter developed by Riot Games, has been making waves in the eSports community, it would be nice to have some Valorant tips for new players. Players can choose from a pool of 15 distinct Agents to play on six different maps in Valorant.

The fun of the game comes from the interaction between players and the unique abilities of the many agents – useful tips for beginners so you can perform at your best in battle.

Beginners in particular need a set of guidelines to help them improve their game in a short period of time. You can take advantage of aimhax hacks to become a pro in the game. Here are some examples:

Customize your preferences

Even though Valiant comes with a default setup that includes crosshairs and sensitivity, chances are these settings won’t work for you.

In Valorant, the first thing a new player should do is figure out what level of sensitivity and reticle they want, among other things, and then adjust those settings accordingly.

scope and purpose

Valorant players, especially those new to the game, tend to aim for the ground when moving around the battlefield. Spending some time practicing at the range will undoubtedly improve your aim as well as your game in general.


Combating your move with Counter-Strafing is a sophisticated method in Valorant that you can use to your advantage. This allows you to fire your initial shot with pinpoint accuracy even if you’re moving.

This will allow you to hit the target more accurately on your first shot.


Communication is essential for cooperative play in Valorant, as well as other team games. The lack of communication in most of the lower Elo lobbies has resulted in a disaster in terms of coordination.

Start using your microphone, or at the very least Valorant Comms, as soon as possible.

Recoil control

While weapon sprays can be useful in a variety of situations, newcomers should familiarize themselves with Valorant’s unique weapon recoil patterns to get the most out of them.

Regularly practicing recoil management with your primary gun on the range can go a long way to improving your performance.

Recheck the corners

The majority of beginners in a game are killed due to a lack of understanding of the map. Although Valorant’s levels are quite simple, they include many corners and opponents often hide in corners waiting for a chance to get free kills.

Please don’t give it to them! When flanking or playing on a cover, be sure to look around every corner.

Strategies that have been improved include queues and forging sites.

The game seems to be simple for those new to planting and defusing spikes. However, re-evaluating your ideas now could be very beneficial in the future. Learning post-plant or resume queues for specific agents, such as Viper, can be very useful in the long run.

Another tactic often used by pros is to avoid overcrowding one location and keep their alternatives open. As a result, instead of pushing the team, players can simulate a site with an agent rather than factory from another location after opponents have moved away.

Smokes that only go one way

When playing smoke agents in Valorant, novices can get their hands on individual one-way smokes the same way they can get their hands on molly and walls. This is a fantastic technique for tricking unsuspecting players into taking damage or even death while remaining completely invisible.

Planning the future of the economy

Another major problem that newcomers to Valorant face is their lack of financial planning. While some players can afford expensive guns, others can’t even buy a handgun. It is best if you and your team discuss the economic plan and the strategy simultaneously.

The walls are broken down.

This one is for you if you haven’t made any progress in improving your aim over a long period of time. Wall slams aren’t as bad as they look, and they’re even used intentionally by Specialists in certain situations. After all, getting a few free kills will benefit the game.


Its very important. If you want to learn how to master Valorant, you must first grasp the mechanics of each agent and weapon type. The practice range is a great place to test your aiming skills and feel how the gun reacts when fired. Plus, it’s a great place to practice your skills or warm up before the game starts.

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