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Do you remember when you were just a kid picking flowers in the park to take home? They were special because you made them.

As adults, we tend to get lazy and rush to the florist or grocery store to buy a bunch.

However, there is no reason why you cannot organize one on your own. DIY projects are all the rage in every aspect of our life, from fashion to cooking to home decorating, and flowers are no different.

Together with Worm London, a florist in Stoke Newington, Pinterest hosted a floral workshop on Friday to show how composing a bouquet isn’t rocket science and anyone can do it.

Jade Thomson did quite a field for the first time, and she was very happy with the participation. “I think it worked well, I was quite surprised. It was pretty easy and the girls were good at giving a lot of great advice, ”she said.

Worm London founders Terri Chandler and Katie Smyth brought a variety of flowers to choose from. They also projected a Pinterest board on the wall and several photos on the table for inspiration.

Seeing how Pinterest could be used as a tool in your life was one of the reasons the event took place.

Michelle Kramer, head of international public relations at Pinterest, said this workshop was not just to bring out your inner florist, but to show how you can bring the ideas you see on Pinterest to life.

She said they don’t see themselves as a social network: “We see ourselves as a visual discovery engine, or rather a tool for designing your life.

So if you are feeling inspired and want to organize something special and personal for your loved one or just for your home, then head to a flower market for whatever you need.

Katie and Terri get the majority of their flowers at the New Covent Garden Market, and they highly recommend it to anyone looking to get flowery and creative.

“Anyone can go there, so everyone should go,” Katie said, noting that you can meet some great and interesting people there as well.

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