How to Create Sweet Summer Flower Arrangements in Westchester

The perfect floral arrangement for summer is just steps away. Adobe Stock | FO_DE

Andrea Perrone of Tarrytown-based Adonia Floral Design shares tips on how to create an eye-catching arrangement.

Almost two decades ago, Andrea Perrone spontaneously signed up for a floral design course at her neighborhood flower shop. “During the workshop, I was immediately brought back to my memories of making humble little flower bouquets for my mother and my favorite teachers. spring with the most beautiful flowers. I have always admired their beauty and had a connection with flowers from an early age.

Perrone has since established her own floral business at Tarrytown-based Adonia Floral Design, specializing in natural, unstructured, spontaneous and garden-inspired bouquets.

“I never imagined a career in floristry,” she admits, “but the feeling of excitement and longing to create something with my hands never left me.”

Of creating a beautiful seasonal arrangement, Perrone says, “The summer season brings an abundance of blooms, so creating a pretty arrangement in a snap is effortless.”

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Here are some pro tips from Perrone for creating long-lasting summer blooms:

  1. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight. The heat will cause the stems to wilt.
  2. Place flowers away from fruit; the ethylene gases released by the fruit will cause the flowers to decay.
  3. In the evening, place your flowers to rest in the coolest part of your house.
  4. Recycle an empty spray bottle by washing it thoroughly and filling it with clean water. Lightly mist your flowers once a day or when the weather is particularly hot. Flowers like to stay hydrated.

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