How to beat the Fellflower in Genshin Impact: Cryo Whopperflower boss guide


Genshin Impact introduced a Cryo Whopperflower boss named Fellflower with the second phase of the Shadows Amidst Snowstorms event. Along with Eula, Bennett, Amber, and Albedo, the Traveler and Paimon must face off against the boss to complete the event quest.

After defeating the boss once, players can also unlock the Rise of the Fell Flower challenges in the current Genshin Impact event. Defeating the boss and completing certain challenges rewards him with the Emblem of the Victor item, which can be used to collect valuable resources from the store.

Genshin Impact guide to defeating Cryo Whopperflower boss using Arcane Fruits

Much like many other bosses, the Cryo Whopperflower boss has a shield that players must shatter to deal more damage and eventually defeat him.

Despite being a Cryo enemy, the new Fellflower boss in Genshin Impact is not weak against Pyro’s damage. Instead, players must use Arcane Fruits to break his shield.

How to break the shield of the Fellflower boss

As soon as the boss fight begins, players will notice that the Cryo Whopperflower summons three Arcane Fruits in the air. Destroying each fruit depletes nearly a third of the boss’s shield.

Three Arcane Fruits summoned by Cryo Whopperflower boss in Genshin Impact (Image via Genshin Impact)
Three Arcane Fruits summoned by Cryo Whopperflower boss in Genshin Impact (Image via Genshin Impact)

Fruits 1

The first Arcane Fruit performs a slam attack where it teleports above the characters and falls to the ground. Players are recommended to dodge these attacks and use an Archer character to simultaneously damage the fruit.

Fortunately, the fruit has very low HP and even a low level User Archer / Catalyst will be able to break it in a few strokes.

After breaking the fruit, three Arcane Essence are laid on the ground. Players should choose these Essence items, because if they fail, the boss consumes them and recovers his shield.

However, it should be noted that choosing an Essence of Arcane reduces the HP of its characters. Therefore, it is recommended to have a healer in the party.

Fruits 2

The second arcane fruit is constantly floating in the air. The best strategy to remove it is to use an Archer / Catalyst user. While attacking, players must also dodge the snowballs that the Cryo Whopperflower throws at them.

If players destroy the fruits while avoiding the snowballs, the boss is knocked out for a while.

Again, players must collect all of the Arcane Essence from the ground after the fruit breaks.

Fruits 3

The final fruit remains on the ground and summons four nearby Cryo slimes. Players must defeat slimes and fruits quickly with a primary DPS unit (preferably Pyro like Xiangling, Hu Tao, or Diluc).

After destroying all of the Arcane Fruits, the Fellflower boss enters a defenseless state where players can use their primary damage dealers to instantly defeat him. In this phase, the boss can hit the characters and they must dodge these attacks to save HP.

Genshin Impact players can attempt to defeat the new boss even without the guide mentioned above. However, using Pyro DMG to break the shield is a very slow and tedious process. Following the aforementioned steps is the perfect and most convenient way to tackle new challenges.

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