Home Interior Design Tips: Design Mix in Fall 2022

Whether it’s going for a modern look with bold patterns and print or going for a minimalist DIY, fall or fall decor is all about softer hues like white and seafoam. sea, rich rusts, playful plaids and the urge to start creating the space with darker colors. and textures. Fall is a natural process that happens during summer, foreshadows winter, and is the season to bring the outdoors inside our homes with some key interior design trends and tips.

Calling it the season of transition in an interview with HT Lifestyle, architect and interior designer Paushika Gupta, founder of Paushika Gupta Architecture+Design, shared, “The fall design mix ties every possible change to a one word, “comfortable”. The brighter colors of the summer season evolve into deeper, warmer tones of earthy shades such as terracotta, sienna, burnt amber and sage green. Everything earthy is all fall! These are the colors of fall and can easily be incorporated into our homes in terms of layering on sofas, throws, rugs or small artifacts like earthen pots, wooden display pieces etc.

She suggested, “Having a few cluster planters, or even just going for long-lasting natural textures would give the same vibe. 100% cotton sheets can be used for bedspreads and pillows. Adding rattan, cane, and wicker will create a warm fall vibe. Layering the look with scented candles and pampas will help tie it all together. Autumn is a mix of summer and winter moods.

According to Narendra Rahurikar, General Manager of D’fine Art, autumn is a transition from summer to winter where you have to make your house warm and cozy because in autumn people prefer to spend more time indoors. , then painting the house or office gives it a new breath of life. He listed some key decor trends for Fall 2022:

1. Colors – Warm colours, subtle yellows, rich and vibrant oranges, with a hint of Indian reds and browns. This will result in a warmer environment. This can also be used in conjunction with paint, upholstered sofas or simply changing pads. Adding wallpaper or wall art will also brighten up the space.

2. Decorations made from dried flowers and plants will be popular

3. Pay special attention to exterior light fixtureswhich can be surrounded by an unexpected mixture of leaves and dried fruits.

4. This season is also ideal for gardeningwith emphasis on planting new flowers.

5. Autumn brings some of India’s most famous festivalsrequiring a distinct type of ornament for Ganesh puja, Diwali, Christmas and a variety of other themed decors that will add to the comfort and inviting ambiance of the home.

Pushpendra Sharma, architect and designer of Lepasa, recommended: “This fall, why not choose practical and minimalist designs while captivating you with their aesthetics and visual allure. You can be inspired to design your interiors with simple yet functional patterns that will let your imagination soar beyond the conventional boundaries of art, whether you opt for textured walls or opt for curves and arches.

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