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Fall is almost here, which means interior design trends are changing. While good design often charts its own course, following modern trends can be a great way to find inspiration and gauge your interests for that next big project.

With that in mind, here are some of the top interior design trends for fall 2022.

Bright colors

According to Pure Wow, people are going big with bright colors this fall.

“From bohemian to disco, ’70s interiors are on the rise,” trend expert Nick Drewe told the website. “The trend is to incorporate earthy tones like hunter green, mustard yellow and blue, with materials like rattan and bamboo. In fact, searches for rattan have increased 77% on Pinterest.”

Specifically, green has gained ground this year.

“Green has been at the top of design trends for several years, and we especially love this muted sage variation (which pops up everywhere in the fall),” said Anastasia Casey, Founder and CEO of IDCO Studio. “Whether it’s kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, or entire walls, sage is a shade of color we can always embrace.”


The Zoe Report said curves are also bringing comfort to many designers’ living spaces this season.

“For fall, curves relax into an organic shape with abstract sofas, mirrors and tables topping the list,” Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors told the website.

From round pillows to non-linear sofas, curves have made a big comeback.

“Adding playful shapes to your everyday decor can really add a transitional element for the season,” said Sarah Weichel of Swike Design.


According to HGTV, bringing the outdoors indoors remains a popular interior design trend. From natural colors to potted plants to floral wallpaper, there are plenty of ways to make your home look like the outdoors.

“I’m continually inspired by people who dress their flower boxes with cabbage, pumpkins, sprigs of wheat and squash,” interior designer Holly Hickey Moore told HGTV. “When decorating clients’ homes for fall, I like to incorporate these elements of color and texture. I’m excited to start pulling those deeper, darker colors that take my designs to a really sophisticated level.


Elite Daily reported that metallic accents are also great for fall decorating.

Metallic textures and colors can help give your home an earthy personality, helping to create a calm and comforting living space for the family.

“It’s one of my favorite trends and it’s a great way to bring fall to life in a warm, complementary way that’s easy to incorporate into any space in your home,” Jenny said. Reimold, HomeGoods style expert, to Elite Daily.

Something as simple as making your cabinet handles pop with a metallic sheen can redefine the space.

Earth Tones

Brabbu echoed the popularity of metallic textures and nature-inspired designs by iterating on the popularity of earth tones. From chocolate blacks to washed-out yellows to verdant greens, earth tones are one of the main ways interior designers add personality to their clients’ living spaces.

After two years of COVID-19 quarantine and a tumultuous news cycle of countries at war and a deteriorating global economy, many homeowners are looking to turn their homes into respites of comfort and joy. This fall, things will be no different.

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