Good Weekend 2022 art & design gift guide

FUN, desirable handicrafts in zesty colors and earthy tones.

1. State of Escape Micro neoprene bag, built to last, designed to dispose of seasonal waste and made to order, $199,

2. Range of ‘Produce’ candles, designed and handcrafted by Wollongong designer Madeleine Hoy, from $32,

3. A5 leather journal made in Australia with a design by Indigenous artist Lucy Simpson of Gaawaa Miyay Designs. Refillable tampon is made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste, $46,

4. Dinosaur Designs handmade malachite and black horn resin bracelets, $55-$350,

5. 3D Big Tear Drop Vase 3D printed in PLA (corn starch) with recycled bottle insert to hold water and flowers, $120,

6. Great Mate Starter Kit: home compostable food wrap that breaks down in 180 days, leaving no microplastics behind, and dispenser made from 33 recycled PET bottles, $35,

seven. Sculpture of Dion Horstmans made from strong 5mm galvanized round bar on a 150mm diameter base, $1575,

8. Dinosaur Designs large resin branch vase in the desert, $450,

9. Australian-made natural rubber thongs, designed for comfort and longevity, from $40,

ten. Quirky bowl, designed by Ashley Corbett-Smith and crafted in Sydney from sand cast bronze. The hemispherical shape is designed to be off-center, making it fun to spin and play, $690,

11. Salad Bowl by Australian ceramist Timna Taylor; its layered and annealed glazes subtly interpret the complex interplay of light and shadow on the Australian landscape, from $260,

12. Opus Lab Walnut Cutting Board with Brass Handle, $369,

13. Large Egg Candles – Quarter Dozen, Unscented, $34,

14. Brass Oil Burner, designed for Aesop by Studio Henry Wilson and made from over one kilogram of solid brass, $210,

15. Dinosaur Designs large resin ‘Bow’ vase, $300,

16. Lil’ Legacy cast iron skillet, hand cast from the highest quality recycled iron, made to order and guaranteed to last at least 100 years of daily use, $200,

17. DUO vases, handmade in Sydney from upcycled glass bottles by glass artist Tanya Reinli, from $65 each,

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