Genshin Impact Qingxin flower location guide: where to find

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Here is where to find Qingxin Flowers at Genshin Impact. / Image courtesy of miHoYo

Qingxin Blossoms are a specialty of Liyue in Genshin Impact that can only be found in the “On The Highest Stone Peaks” game. Not only are they great, but they’re also a material used to elevate certain characters, so knowing how to put them together is important.

Qingxin Flowers were first introduced in Genshin Impact in the game’s original 1.0 version, which was released on September 28, 2020. Since its initial addition, Qingxin Flowers have been a valuable resource as a ton of they are necessary for the stages of Ganyu. , Xiao, and the next-level Ascension of Shenhe, the all-new Cryo Polearm character from miHoYo. Here is a guide on where to find each Qingxin Flower in Liyue.

Growing Qingxin flowers is relatively simple as they are roughly concentrated around the peaks and peaks of Liyue, especially in Qingce Village, Jueyun Karst / Qingyun Peak, Minlin, and Wuwang Hill.

To speed up the process, feel free to check out one of the online floating spawn location maps – like the one from @WorldOfTeyvat on Twitter – or use the interactive Genshin Impact map.

Qingxin Flowers can also be purchased from Bubu Pharmacy up to 10 times at 600 Mora each every three days.

Originally posted by miHoYo on April 17, 2021, Teyvat’s interactive map can be used as a travel companion to ensure travelers don’t miss any resources.

Travelers can log in with their account to receive personalized, real-time map reports that update for any completed actions or tasks a traveler has taken, including any resources they still need to collect and even temples they have completed. ‘they haven’t settled yet.

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