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As the sun enters the third sign of the zodiac (ruling the calendar roughly from May 21 to June 21), we celebrate Gemini, the sociable air sign with a natural gift for small talk. “They are the communicator of the zodiac. Witty, charming and funny, it’s easy for Geminis to blend into any situation,” says Sanctuary astrologer Laurence Ash.

Gemini is represented by the twins – a pair in constant dialogue – enhancing its conversational nature. The planet Mercury is the ruler of this sign. “Mercury, the planet of communication, influences everything about intellect, speech and spirit. It influences how we perceive the world and, more importantly, how we see ourselves fitting into a bigger picture,” says Ash. “Gemini feel most comfortable when they are allowed to express their thoughts freely. They see life as an experience to be grasped.

To capture the spirit of the social nature of Gemini butterflies, we collaborated with a Birmingham-based florist Mark Thompson to design an imaginative flower arrangement inspired by the twins. For the Gemini flower horoscope (or as we like to call it, the floriscope), read on.

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“Although they would never think it, Gemini loves order because they live a life full of mercurial chaos. Therefore, a softer, orderly, dreamy flower arrangement is the best way to relax their mind,” says the astrologer Lisa Stardust. The whimsical bouquet’s playful color palette caters to a Gemini’s desire for intellectual stimulation, while its layers of texture ignite the sign’s inherent curiosity.

thompson gemini flower arrangement

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Delightfully drooping lavender stems give a sense of tranquility. “Lavender is the closest flower to Gemini. It soothes their mercurial feelings by calming their overthinking and anxiety,” Stardust explains.

Vibrant golden azaleas crown a base of hydrangeas, cornflowers and delphinium buds in various blue hues. “As a communicator of the zodiac, Gemini lives her life through her words, making them expressive of every feeling. Yellow and light blue are colors aligned with Gemini, as they represent energy, communication, and spirit. expressiveness,” Stardust adds. The conical blooms of purple lilacs add a stark contrast, while wispy white jasmine and ballerina pink butterfly ranunculus add an element of dreamy softness.

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