Gardner Minshew’s madness hits Philly: Eagles fan guide to the mustached QB

When was the last time you saw a professional NFL player wearing a headband with aviators and jorts?

Bill Kostroun / AP Photo

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It’s not a throwback to the 1970s: Birds fans wearing headbands, aviator glasses and fake mustaches at the Meadowlands are just taking over quarterback Gardner Minshew II.

With Jalen hurts with an ankle injury, the reserve quarterback made his first start in Philadelphia at the home of the New York Jets on Sunday. He made it his first win, putting in an impressive performance that started with a perfect first half and a 33-18 Eagles victory.

Acquired by Philly in August, Minshew received acclaim during his short stint in Jacksonville, partly because of his talent – and partly because of his style.

As a QB rookie in 2019, his first three games in Florida set nfl records. After the regular Jaguar quarterback (Nick Foles, by the way) recovered from an injury, Minshew returned to his replacement role.

But fan enthusiasm hardly abated for the Mississippi native, whose grandfather apparently wanted him. be called Beowulf. His fashion choices, his prowess in the field and cool attitude won him a large following and inspired the phrase “Minshew Mania”.

Here’s a look at the pieces that make up the 25-year-old’s unique look.

The ‘Stache legend started in college, where Minshew’s bushy game leads his teammates in Washington State in a record season. When he hit the NFL, his edges crept in longer and inspired a Trending Wall Street Journal Article about fans who grow their own Fu Manchu.

During the pandemic, facial hair turned into a beard that covered Minshew’s face more, but after joining the Eagles he shaved his chin and reverted to a classic Burt Reynolds look.

All the stuff up front and partying in the back was a way of life for Minshew, who was very proud of his mule.

Last April, he got poetic about a slight change in style, posting that a new hairstylist had waved him goodbye to “dirty diesel drapery“and replacing it with a more refined mule he dubbed the” Platinum Power Pelt “.

A few months later, he went to cut her tail, which headlines on grieving fans the loss of the mule.

Whether the back of her hair is long or short, Minshew always looks ready for a night out at the nightclub or a date with a flower child, thanks to her signature headband.

The thick sash drawn on his forehead comes in many flavors, from a folded bandana in the kamikaze style tie. The value of this thing goes beyond keeping the sweat out of his eyes; it’s a statement of confidence.

Biden who? Minshew is now perhaps the biggest proponent of aviator-style sunglasses in the Philly area. Her face is hardly ever without the glittering gold rims and dark egg-shaped lenses.

Minshew also sometimes channels “Top Gun” into match shades with a classic bomber jacket.

Stepping down on the quarterback’s 6-foot-1 frame brings you to his latest signature fashion item: the jorts.

It’s up for debate if the denim shorts cut out on men are a misstep or the sexist thing around, but we know two things about them and Minshew. One is her favorite garment – he wore underpants (and only jorts) when he was picked in the NFL Draft – and two, he cuts his own.

Put together, it’s a style Philadelphians could love.

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