Fracture: Tactics Map Guide, Strategies, and Legends

It’s time to learn the best tactics and strategies for the worst map in the game!

This guide will earn you more on Fracture. | © Riot Games

Whether you love Fracture or hate it, it’s a valiant card we all need to play once in a while; there’s just no way around it. That said, here are the best tactics you can use to hate this card a little less.

Fracture: map overview and all legends

Fracture is a map where attackers can choose to capture the site from the front and behind their enemies, while defenders can pivot in an instant through their spawn. That said, here are all the main legends of Valorant Fracture:

Main fracture legends
Riot Games gave us some good basic Fracture Legends! | © Riot Games

Fracture sites A and B have a long side from the front while having short firing ranges from the rear. So prefer to leave with an Operator or a Vandal when you go through the main entrances to the site while getting a Phantom if you attack or defend the back like A-Dish or B-Arcade.

Fracture: an overview of the Spike site and legends

Here are all the captions for A Site on Fracture:

A Fracture Site Legends 2

A site on Fracture in Valorant is a bit different when you compare it to other maps because it has Heaven/Top where you can plant the cob! Although many players plant the spike in hell, the elevated platform can still cause a crossfire issue for attackers and defenders with their best knife skins.

Attacking a site on a fracture

Have a good Smoking Controller to cover the main defender spawn points so you can take the site will work wonders on the A site of Fracture. Once you’ve smoked areas like A-Link and A-Rope, all you have to do is defeat the hidden enemies at the planting point on Hell and Heaven also with flash and damage abilities.

Valorant Fracture A Site Plant Attack
It’s a good wall and a good place to plant Fracture! | © Riot Games

As for the post-planting on the A site of Fracture, you can defend the peak directly in place or from A-Main. But be careful when defending from A-Main as there may be a enemy who flanks you! You may also notice a good spike planting spot overhead if you plan on defending a site against A-Main for a fracture.

Defend a site on the fracture

While you can defend A Site on Fracture from Defender spawn locations, the enemy team can easily take over the site with simple smokes. So what you’ll want to do is stop attackers at A-Hall and A-Main from the site. Regarding enemies coming from A-Drop, there must be a player in your team who defends from around A-Rope (make sure enemies won’t come from Door) as that’s where the location is most visible, even for Brave beginners!

Valorant Fracture A Site Defends
Watch out for the door behind you! | © Riot Games

Another thing to note for Fracture site A is Sky and stairs. Both of these locations can be used for tricky play, but both are very risky to defend as enemies will likely all enter from A-Main at once, leaving you vulnerable.

Fracture: site overview and captions for peak B

Here are all the legends for site B on the fracture:

B Fracture legends from site 2

As we saw earlier, the Fracture B site has short angles from B-Arcade and a long hallway to B-Main. One place that many gamers overlook and forget the most is Arcade pass, so keep an eye out there whenever you play the Vandal or Ghost!

Attack site B on the fracture

Your primary vocal points for entering Fracture Site B should be B-Link and Canteen. A simple Viper the wall or other controller fumes need to clean these places. Then clearing site B and the tower should be your priority, which can be done with Initiator Abilities to get info on enemies and flash them.

Valorant Fracture B Site Attack Plant Spike
With this Fracture Viper wall, enemies will be afraid to come from the spawn! | © Riot Games

You will generally want plant the cob at Boxes which will cover you from the enemy team coming from the defender spawn. Then, for post-planting, you can defend from B-Main and Tower. Although if you’re feeling a bit spicy, you can catch enemies off guard from the small Cubby camping space on site!

Defense of the B site in the event of a fracture

When defending Site B on Fracture, your primary objective should be to stop enemies at B-Arcade and B-Main. Use your favorite Duelist Blinks to take advantage of the enemy and stop him before he even thinks of entering the site!

Valorant Fracture Defend Site B
Stop the enemies early on! | © Riot Games

If enemies somehow manage to plant the spike, your best bet is to retake the site from a flanklike from Tower. You can resume the site from Defender spawn, but you must have decent abilities to deflect, flash, and damage enemies lurking in place.

Fracture: Tips and Tricks

If you feel you need some additional knowledge before jumping into the map, here are some Tips and Tricks for Fractures to help you settle in:

  • 3 players in front, 2 players behind: the specialty of attackers on Fracture is that you can corner the enemy team from anywhere! So, as a rule of thumb, run 3 players per Hand and 2 players through the zipline.
  • Defending flanks can yield: did you glance at Main and didn’t see an enemy? Well, consider the possibility of flanking, as you’ll quickly be behind your enemies’ backs compared to flanks on other maps. Although don’t flank every turn, you should do it every 3rd-4th turn!
  • Pay attention when peeking: The rift is constructed in such a way that enemy locations are truly predictable. So whenever you peek from any major angle, make sure if an enemy is there, they’re probably looking at your location!

And that’s all there is to know to play as a pro in Valorant’s Fracture! Did you find this guide helpful? Be sure to visit our Discord Server and tell us about your Fracture experiences!

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