Flower arrangements: flower arrangements with a modern look

Create a good arrangement

According to Emma from Flawless flowers in Prahran marketMelbourne, “A good floral arrangement is like a well-designed room in your home, it’s often what’s not there that makes all the difference,” she says.

“When everything has enough space to be noticed, every piece is special. A great floral arrangement will have ingredients with a similar lifespan, so it can be enjoyed because it was made for the lifespan of the bouquet.”

How to choose the freshest flowers

Ebony Andrews Flowers across Sydney says the way to pick the freshest flowers is to look for clean stems and foliage. “You can often pick fresh flowers from their cousins ​​less fresh by smell; a fresh flower shouldn’t give off an odor.”

“Flowers are all different, so to ensure freshness, you’re looking for less damage to the flowers themselves and the buds.”

Use Characteristic Flowers

Bouquets don’t have to be uniform or symmetrical,” says Nadina Hughes, flower manager at Flowers across Melbourne. We’re moving away from that structured look and moving on to something more natural, with one or two ‘characteristic flowers’ dominating and adding a touch of gravity.”

She adds that for a wedding bouquet, brides might consider including a protea or two, peony roses, disbudded chrysanthemums or lilies.

Bright bouquets

“Avoiding colors that clash is a primary consideration,” says Andrews. “In order to arrange a stunning bright mixed bouquet, you want to mix deep colors with brighter shades.

It creates an implicit depth in the arrangements and the deeper shades bring out the brightest!”

DIY pedestal arrangement tutorial

Learn how to create a stunning pedestal arrangement: perfect for placing in grand hallways, beside the altar at weddings and funerals, or as a striking display at a community or religious gathering.

Create a crescent moon effect

“A good floral arrangement has depth and good form.” adds Andrews. “Whether you’re making a traditional bouquet or a more modern arrangement, shape is key.”

“If you’re making a nice rounded bouquet, you want to make sure it’s not flat on top. If you’re making a crescent moon-shaped arrangement, you want extended curves, not flat edges.”

Simple floral bouquet

Some of the most remarkable bouquets are the simplest. Buy a bouquet or two of unusual blooms, like these purple white-lipped tulips, and let the blooms speak for themselves.

You can also create a beautiful bouquet using artificial flowers by following the same principles you would use for fresh cut flowers.

Keep a natural look

Kim Treherne-Cardillo is the director of Melbourne Flower School and will lead floral workshops at the Melbourne Flower Show.

“The current trend in floral design is beautiful flowers and foliage with lots of texture arranged naturally in hand-tied bouquets,” says Treherne-Cardillo. “Imagine walking around the garden and picking your flowers, adding them one by one to your hand,” she says.

Once picked, place the flowers directly in a glass vase for a unique tabletop display.

native flowers

“Native flowers give the ‘wow factor’ and are also environmentally conscious as they are easier to grow in our climates and therefore more cost effective to start,” says Rob Lambert, CEO of Flowers across Melbourne.

“From big-headed proteas that can often last over a month to eucalyptus, which has a great aroma, the natives have really upped the list this year in popularity.”

Tropical Flower Arrangement Tutorial

In Australia we are blessed with an abundance of native tropical flowers. This video shows you how to place tall tropical flowers with lots of foliage to create an eye-catching arrangement for your home.

white bouquets

The most common color for funeral flowers is white, but it is also often used for wedding bouquets. “White symbolizes sympathy and purity,” Andrews explains. “White roses are the ultimate symbol of spirituality, purity and innocence.

In some Asian cultures, especially for funerals, yellow chrysanthemums are appreciated, but white is above all the color of mourning.”

The most popular flower in 2018

Sunflowers were at the top of the list of flower purchases in 2018, and this placement of daisies and sunflowers gives what Lambert calls a prairie look.

The bright yellow of the sunflower makes it an ideal gift to cheer up a friend or family member,” he says. Paired with daisies and arranged in a planter, they make a stunning display of flowers.

Stick to the pinks

“On Valentine’s Day, we typically send over 15,000 rose stems,” says Lambert. “The traditional red rose and rainbow roses are still in the top ten.”

Table flower arrangements

Thinking of brightening up your table with a pretty bouquet of mixed flowers? “Abundance is the key to success in capturing the feeling of a prairie,” says Lambert. He suggests emphasizing roses, snapdragons, lilies, stock, hydrangeas, St. John’s wort and alstroemeria.

To make an Instagram-worthy tabletop placement, strategically place green foliage around the outside of the large box and fill the inside with clusters of complementary colors. Use a combination of large and small flowers for an elegant effect.

Keep it seasonal

“Despite the influx of imported flowers into the Australian market, the most popular flower arrangements, made by real florists, feature seasonal local produce,” says Emma Whiting of Flawless flowers.

“Some of our most popular lines are only at their best for three weeks of the year, and they will feature prominently in every bouquet made at that time,” she adds. As the Waratah flower (shown above) that blooms over a 4-6 week period in the spring.


Traditionally placed in the alcove of a home, the ancient art of Ikebana has made its way into Western floral art.

If you want to learn more about how to create this simple yet beautiful style of Japanese flower arrangement, Naohiro Kasuya will present a spectacular Ikebana installation at the Melbourne Flower Show this year.

Want to learn the art of flower arranging?

flower school in Brisbane, which is where Whiting sends his staff. “They train highly skilled florists and have a very hands-on curriculum,” she says.

Marjorie Milner College offers short diploma courses in floristry. “It has an excellent reputation and is ideal for both apprenticeship training and full-time study in Melbourne. It is still a second-generation family institution, but a globally recognized design course,” says Whiting.

Melbourne Flower School offers bouquet perfecting classes, gardening workshops, and a host of in-depth courses for anyone interested in DIY flower arranging.

Pearsons School of Floristry in Sydney run short courses as well as Cert III for those wishing to pursue a career in floristry.

You can also check out your local community college for short flower arranging workshops.

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