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Sunita Kanoria offers insight

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Posted on 03.26.21, 10:17 PM

Holi is the festival of colors. And, just like at the right time, nature also offers us the colorful flowers of spring. There is an amazing array of flowers that provide us with dyes for making herbal Holi colors and tinting clothes and food. They are extracted by grinding or boiling and then used with a mordant or a fixer on textiles, papers or other supports. Nature has so much to offer for a sustainable life.

Optimistic metallic design

This arrangement has a combination of natural flowers with a silver and gold fabric flower display. An 18-20 “diameter clay tray is used. Eight balls nearly 4” in diameter each are made from scraps of crushed newspaper. Silver and gold gota flowers are generously attached to each ball so that the basic crushed newsprint is fully covered. These gota flowers are readily available in the market or online at reasonable prices. One golden gota ball is attached with glue to a silver ball and vice versa. Four of these sets are created and glued onto the clay tray. The rest of the plate is cluttered with orange marigolds. Tecoma stans tubes are gently inserted over these balls to add fresh beauty. Artificial silver and flowers of golden gota with fresh marigold and the Tecoma stans create a nice balance, which is ultimately finished with green lianas that connect the whole design to create harmony. Some pieces of mithai can also be placed around it. r it’s time for celebrations.

Wind chimes music

Red clay bells are available at all local Bengal markets. Three or four of medium size are colored bright yellow and tied with jute string (see photo). It creates a nice rhythm in the arrangement. Bixa orellana (achiote) pods are gently tied up and down in this upright design. They are sometimes referred to as lipstick tree. Even traditional sindoor (vermilion) is made from its extract. Brightly colored dracaena leaves are used for further decoration. The unique combination of bright yellow and green edging looks stunning when folded into small fan shapes, stapled to secure its shape, and haphazardly tied to the long design with thread. These can be hung from a ring or hook near the entrance to your home. It welcomes all the guests and represents the auspicious sound of the triumph of good over evil.

Greetings for Holi

No festival in India is complete without cooking delicious food and offering it to the gods and, then, to the guests. Thus, the emphasis is on a table arrangement, which is basic and inviting. One of these paintings is a tray filled with a variety of flowers and placed on a table. Regular red clay trays in various sizes between 8 “and 16” in diameter are painted in shiny clay to create similarity and harmony. Each of them is filled with a variety of flowers like rose buds, jasmine mala, palash flowers and leaves. Each tray can be surrounded by scented juhi malas. This basic design can be further improved by adding small clay gulal bowls and small candy trays for decoration and consumption.

Doctor flowers

A smart and elegant layout is created for the outdoors or even a large corner indoors. Of course, it is best suited for garden parties. Four to five empty bottles are sprayed up to a quarter down in gold, white or silver colors. Colorful splashes of cutout paper are glued on it to disperse the monotony. A beautiful texture is created by encircling the bottle with thick strings of bright yellow and pink wool taped over it. Light green and pink straws are used to create interesting geometric patterns (triangles) and placed on top of the bottles with a straw partially inserted into the neck of the bottle to hold it in place. A touch of pink and red jatropha flowers is inserted on the top of each bottle to remind us of the pink gulal. Because of its medicinal value, jatropha is called a “doctor” in these groups of shrubs. This whole arrangement is placed on shiny burlap paper and finished by adding exotic green creepers around it.

Spring greetings

It is an outdoor garden arrangement encompassing all the colors of spring. A large kalash (pot) is painted yellow, a bright, sunny daylight color. A large group of bleached dry sticks are placed in the pot, providing vertical resistance to the design. Baby chrysanthemums and a few ashoka flowers, which mostly bloom in spring, are placed on the pot. Yellow, orange and red flowers add to the vivid hues used in this classic design. A simple technique is further used to make cones from pieces of shiny jute and tied together. They are then hung from the bleached branches. This technique is very simple but adds drama to the arrangement. All of the materials assembled here are readily available and it is easy to create this exterior decoration.

Sunita Kanoria, trained in Pushpa Bitan, is a judge for flower arrangement competitions at the national level, and is currently using her time and talent as a flower decoration demonstrator on various forums.


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