Fabric and design trends for 2022

In this new normal, people need their own spaces where they can spend time with family and friends, but also to work and recharge. This has fueled people’s urge to buy and improve their homes, making their spaces look lovely as they continue to spend more time at home.

The post-pandemic period has created a range of inspirations for styles to develop as people continue to keep the home at the center of their lives, especially during the new work from home era. Moreover, the very definition of “new” has changed in perception for consumers, businesses and industry, as all revisit existing systems and ways of working. Home life has become the very theme of escape from the instability of the outside world as people seek their home as a natural refuge of calm and peace.

Design, today, has gradually become the solution to people’s problems by bringing the ambience of comfort to the hectic pace of life. Trends in home textiles and fabrics tend to pop up every year as they inspire us to spruce up interiors. However, they have evolved into versatile and practical structures influenced by the individual’s personality and environment where colors and technology play an active role. Adding “fab” to the world of fabrics, we discover cozy comforts, playful choices and luxurious upgrades with textures that add depth and dimension to what we will ultimately call “mine”. ” ours “.

A range of trends for 2022 will see the individual’s personality, keeping minimalism at heart, with natural and earthy tones quietly seeping into one’s abode while an exotic influence of geometric patterns and greener visuals will establish a clear statement for the coming months.


By creating dimension and consistency in the room, textures will play a key role in how cozy a space feels, so expect to see plenty of plush textures in 2022.

EXOTIC FLORAL DESIGNS: A traditionally inspired creation of exotic florals and blossoms, vines and patterns rendered in contemporary palettes will create the classic imagery and timeless addition to any space.

The Earthy Appeal of Nature’s Tones: While earthy, bold and natural colors are set to reappear in homes this year, a correlation of cooler shades will add subliminal texture to the room.

Evergreen Greeneries: With comfort as the foundation of every home, bring the outdoors inside by adding real or faux greenery. From moss terrariums and lush plants to countless vines, leaves and shrubs, surround yourself with the relaxing effects of plants.

CREATE DRAMA WITH GEOMETRY: From the Greeks to the Moroccans, there’s something visually stimulating about geometric patterns that create a sense of harmony and rhythm. The interlocking of shapes and a blend of subtle colors, textures and scales conjure up images and a sense of order for the bold and the timid.


Upholstery fabrics bring craftsmanship adding character to the room. 2022 will have a magical trend of a range of materials on the horizon, from sheers to velvets and a penchant for natural fibres.

Everyone’s Sheer Fabric: A powerful decorating tool with a hint of sheer, this barely visible fabric lets in lots of light, introducing warmth, texture and personality with pops of color. From voile, chiffon, organdie batiste, georgette, gauze and polka-dot swiss typically found in curtains, they create a feminine allure that is both delicate and bold.

Timely Velvets: They have stood the test of time with their versatility adding a bit of softness to the piece. Velvets can up the glamor quotient of the home with a luxurious vibe through textures, prints and patterns for everything from sofas to rugs or curtains.

High Performance Fabric: Consumers today are increasingly aware of the value of “performance” fabrics and “outdoor” fabrics. Incredibly durable and easy to clean, it’s not just for the outdoor space but also ideal for a family room. With cushions, patterned fabrics and all types of upholstery, this demand for fabric is increasing every day.

Fabrics as light as a feather: In terms of texture, lightweight fabrics are similar to silk. They are smooth and soft but are sturdier than silk, also commonly used in curtains and upholstery, which are quite a winner these days.

Since 2022 is the year to express individuality, we expect home decor to be bolder, edgier, feminine and majestic than ever before. People are more aware of their needs and what works best for them. Consequently, there is a paradigm shift in consumer choices that are no longer influenced by external factors but rather by the forces that ultimately “characterize you” in your home. Every year different trends fuel new steam in the fabric and design industry and this time ensuring a sustainable future will also be key.

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