Edinburgh Gin created the perfect bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day


If the flowers are a symbol of love, I will take them – but I would prefer mine with a bottle of gin attached this Valentine’s Day, thank you.

Luckily Edinburgh Gin knows what we really want and has created the perfect hybrid of beautiful flowers and delicious gin in the form of an awesome gift that at first glance looks like your average flower bouquet – until. that you realize that there is a little more. (i.e. a 70cl glass bottle).

The gin and bouquet in question come in three variations: Powder Pink Valentine’s Gin, Classic Edinburgh Gin or Rhubarb and Ginger Edinburgh Gin, each with a selection of matching flowers.

Edinburgh Gin

The bouquets are made to mirror the herbs found in all three gins, including everything from pine cones to dried orange, lavender, dried lime and even rhubarb stems, and sit on a box almost * too good to be torn apart.


Regarding botanical bouquets, David Wilkinson (Head Distiller at Edinburgh Gin) said:

“This year we’ve really taken the boat of love, so to speak, with three remarkable arrangements to suit all tastes and preferences. Each bouquet brings to life the unique wonder found in our gins, using carefully chosen and botanical flowers that are inspired by the delicious gin it contains. “

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This bunch of gin is all we need for Valentine's Day

Edinburgh Gin

Edinburgh Gin is the source of some of our favorite flavored gins, including Rhubarb Ginger Liqueur (which was voted Gin Liquor of the Year) and Plum and Vanilla.

In fact, they’re so good that you might want to consider buying one for yourself if you don’t have a significant other – especially since they’re limited edition.

The bouquets will go on sale online from January 27 for UK delivery on February 14 and will cost £ 65 each. But you can’t put a price on love … can you?

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